The setting for my new play...
The setting for my new play... plherrera/

A White Unicorn Is Galloping Through a Mist: I wake up and wonder if my memories are real or implanted by some biotech corporation in South Lake Union. I look at the time on my smartphone. It is 4 am. I look at the election news on New York Time's website:

Joseph R. Biden Jr. overtook President Trump in Georgia overnight, but the slim margin of his current lead falls squarely into recount territory in the state — 0.5 percent or under.
At this point Biden is ahead in every life-or-death race but one, North Carolina. Rational Americans are running out of nails to bite. This president cost many of us a week or two of life in the future already.

Here We Go: "Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger says there will be a recount in Georgia."

Quickly, On the Other Races: This morning Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania by nearly 9,000 votes (thanks, Philly). Biden also now leads Nevada by 22,076 votes. Trump led on the latest ballots from Arizona's Maricopa County but not by enough to overtake Biden's lead, so we're looking good there, too. The networks are being shy, but Joe Biden will probably be the next President of the United States of America.

Mark Kelly Wins Arizona Senate Race: The spaceman has been running ahead of Biden in AZ this whole time, so this is not really a surprise, but it's now an official projection. With Susan Collins winning Maine and North Carolina looking like a GOP hold, the fate of the U.S. Senate—and really the fate of the planet—lies in Georgia's hands.

On a Woman and Two Ghosts: The woman is Stacey Abrams. If all goes well with the recount, the future will see her as a switching point in America history. Not only did she play a key role in defeating white American irrationalism (a huge political force) but also opened a way for the Dems to control the Senate.

CBS News:

Americans may not know the final party balance of the Senate until January. As of Friday morning, there is no clear winner in the two Senate races in Georgia, meaning both races could advance to a runoff election on January 5. This could leave the Senate in limbo when it reconvenes early next year, with neither party having a clear majority.

But there are two ghosts to consider today. Those of John McCain and John Lewis. The former seems hell-bent on being forever the bane of Trump's existence. If Biden wins the state McCain represented for his entire political career, Arizona, we will hear these words haunting the president with renewed supernatural force: “He's not a war hero... He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured.”

As for Lewis:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is celebrating the way Democrat Joe Biden overtook President Donald Trump in Georgia as vote counting continues.

Biden took the lead when results were updated early Friday by Clayton County. That’s partly in Georgia’s 5th Congressional District, long held by Democrat Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights leader who died in July.

Jackson says that result is due to decades of civil rights activism in Georgia, from Dr. Martin Luther King to Stacey Abrams, who worked hard to register new voters after her run for governor.

Very New Play By Charles Mudede:

It's some small town in Georgia. Two old white men sit on rocking chairs set on a porch with with white columns. It is dusk.

Old White Man: That negra woman. She is a heap of trouble and some. What's her problem?

Older White Man: What I reckon is she almost won that governor race. It was so close. She blamed it on voter suppression. So, she got to changing things and getting these black folks all worked up about democracy.

Old White Man: You know what I think?

Older White Man: What you thinking?

Old White Man: We should have just told Kemp no and made her the governor and kept her busy doing that instead of messing up everything.


A Good Indication: That some are smelling that blood already:

But nothing will happen to Trump, win or lose. Too many white people love him. He is everything they want to see in a man. I do not have eyes like this. And if I woke up one day with their eyes and saw what they saw, I'd go to CHAZ and do an Oedipus Rex.

The Scene From Sophocles' Oedipus the King:

He rips off her brooches, the long gold pins holding her robes—and lifting them high,
looking straight up into the points, he digs them down the sockets of his eyes, crying, "You, 1405 you'll see no more the pain I suffered, all the pain I caused! Too, long you looked on the ones you never should have seen, blind to the ones you longed to see, to know! Blind from this hour on! Blind in the darkness—blind!" His voice like a dirge, rising, over and over raising the pins, raking them down his eyes. And at each stroke blood spurts from the roots, splashing his beard, a swirl of it, nerves and clots—black hail of blood pulsing, gushing down.

Because We Must Not Stop Saying It Until Something Is Finally Done About It:

Coronavirus Is Still Here: Still breaking records. CNN reports:

The US set a grim new Covid-19 record Thursday — following a week marked by high case numbers — surpassing 120,000 infections in a single day.

And it was the second day in a row the country reported more than 100,000 infections.
Health experts had warned weeks ago that the nation's daily cases would reach six digits, but those alarming figures hit sooner than expected. And Covid-19's death toll could reach 266,000 by the end of November, according to an ensemble forecast published Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Number of American Deaths Since Election Day: 4,000. And yet, around 70 million Americans, almost all white (ignore this kind of talk), voted for Trump. There is no mystery here. Everyone knows that Trump fucked things up majorly. The pandemic seems to have only increased his popularity with white voters. Why? Because whiteness is apparently something worth dying for. I never knew so many had it so bad. I must live in a bubble.

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As for Our State, Which In My Cosmopolitan Bubble Is Named After the Black Scientist George Washington Carver: Things are not looking good, son. KIRO reports:

Concern over the spread of the coronavirus is growing in Washington state as the number of new COVID-19 cases hit a record this week.

"We’re going the wrong way fast," said Dr. Kathy Lofy, health officer for the Washington Department of Health (DOH). "Yesterday, we reported almost 1,500 new cases, which is the highest number of cases the state has ever reported in a single day."

Yesterday: King County reported over 500 new cases in a day. That broke a record that the day before set. And we can expect another round of record breaking today.

Yesterday: Seattle reported 128 new cases. And if you were wondering, that broke a record that the day before thought was unbreakable. "People will remember me," said November 3 to itself. Today, November 3 said to November 4: "Why you got be like that?"

Where Is Jenny Durkan? She is tweeting that the situation is bad and the we, the citizens of Seattle, must do more. That's it. The crisis is worse today than it was on March 13, the day of the lockdown. There is a lot that can be done to improve the situation, such as requiring businesses to check temperatures. But nothing of the kind is coming from her office. What we are getting instead is this kind of lame language: "We must do our best to stop the spread: limit gatherings, wear a mask & practice social distancing."

If You Want to See How a Covid-19-Woke Restaurant Works: Visit Cafe Pettirosso. This business is not playing. Your temperature is taken at a table that is enclosed by large and colorful plastic curtains that hang from the ceiling. And the servers will not serve you unless you indicate with a plastic sign that you need service. When they come, masks must be on. Why are all other restaurants not required to do business this way?

Moments before writing my play at Cafe Pettirosso
Moments before writing my play at Cafe Pettirosso

Because Black People Are Going to Save the Country that Enslaved Their Ancestors: