Jess Stein
"Donald Trump, Mr. Yuck"
Spotted near Volunteer Park.
Spotted near Volunteer Park. JK
I'm pretty sure this is a slant rhyme or slant rhyme adjacent. Either way, it's clever!

There’s a New Way to Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19. Your phone.
WA Notify can alert you if you have been near someone who later tests positive for COVID.
"I'd Rather Be Crying to Enya"
Not the stickers we normally cover, but its ok.
Not the type of stickers we usually cover. JK
Your wish is my command. I think I've only seen this video while extremely stoned, but it's still a welcome thing to watch in the cold light of this gray morning.

ACAB but make it holographic.
ACAB but make it holographic. JK
I love the barbed wire and sparkles details.

"Rights For Gays"
My favorite one of this series.
My favorite one of this series. JK
I know I posted one of these last week, but I spotted this one on Saturday and loved it a lot. Kevin McAleese makes them and, yes, they're inspired by the John Maus song. Go follow his work here.

"Trump 2020"
The juxtaposition...
The juxtaposition... JK
I'm not making any definitive statements; I'm just pointing out something that seems obvious.

"Have You Ever Wanted to Be Somebody Else?"
The answer is yes.
The answer is yes. JK
After some Google sleuthing, I found this image on DeviantArt depicting Danish musician King Diamond, who I am regretfully not familiar with outside of this sticker. I don't think this phrase is one of his song lyrics as these stickers have been popping up in different places with different people on them.

"Naive and Led Ashtray"
Saw this just after Halloween.
Saw this just after Halloween. JK
I like the texture of this friendly looking skeleton.

"Trump Is a Rat"
Wait, but the rat part is cute.
Wait, but the rat part is cute. JK
So glad not to have this man in the Oval Office for the next four years.

"I'm Not Sure This Sticker Belongs Here"
Love this meta sticker.
Love this meta sticker. JK
From a Sticker Patrol favorite, starheadboy.

"Crime :)"
I will never get sick of Amazon stickers.
I will never get sick of Amazon stickers. JK
Prime is just so riffable, I guess.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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