And there you have it.
And there you have it. NY Times

Biden wins Georgia, Trump wins North Carolina: And that's all, folks! It looks like Biden will receive 306 electoral votes (which is what Trump received in 2016), and Trump will receive 232 (what Clinton got in 2016). Trump did not flip any states that Clinton won in 2016. Meanwhile, Biden flipped five states that Trump won in 2016.

This headline made me eyeroll/groan/laugh: "Biden’s agenda may rest on centrist Republicans—and the return of a bygone Senate era." Maine Sen. Susan Collins went from scorned outcast to one of the country's most pivotal votes mighty quick.

Trump gave a speech in the Rose Garden today: Full of false information, like every Trump speech. He did predict that "as soon as April, the [coronavirus] vaccine will be available to the entire general population," which seems plausible (although, didn't he say this was going to be over last Easter?). He then whined that the government won't give a vaccine to New York state because of something about Andrew Cuomo.

Trump edged on saying "the Biden administration": But he's not there yet. Baby.

Here's the speech: I really don't care, do you?

The Governor of Nevada tests positive for COVID-19: Gov. Steve Sisolak's announcement comes on the same day that Nevada reported 1,857 additional COVID cases, the highest single-day total since the pandemic began, reports AP. This announcement makes Sisolak, a Democrat, the fifth governor to test positive for COVID-19.

Washington shatters yet another daily record in coronavirus cases: The Washington State Department of Health reported 2,142 new cases, 88 additional hospitalizations, and 12 more deaths due to COVID, says KOMO. Our previous record was set last week with 1,691 COVID cases in a single day. Seriously, stay home.

At least Oregon is doing something: From the Portland Mercury's Alex Zielinski:

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced that, starting on Wednesday, November 18, the entire state will enter a two-week "freeze," during which all restaurants and bars will be limited for take-out only, gyms will be shuttered, grocery stores and pharmacies will be capped at 75 percent capacity, and religious spaces will be restricted to 25 people indoors. Brown also urged all employers to allow their staff to work from home during this period, if possible.

Meanwhile, in Washington:

In a press release Friday morning, Governor Inslee issued a travel advisory "recommending a 14-day quarantine for interstate and international travel" and "encouraging" Washingtonians "to stay home or in their region and avoid non-essential travel to other states or countries."

With this toothless recommendation, Inslee joins Governors Kate Brown of Oregon and Gavin Newsom of California in a west coast effort to calm the big-ass Covid wave that is already smashing into our shores.

Inslee suggested in a press conference on Thursday that he may introduce more restrictions next week, so perhaps we'll make good on that Western States Pact and follow Oregon's lead.

Your horniness benefitted a corporation: Apparently, Gap saw a surge in sales of their standard khaki pants after "chartthrob" Steve Kornacki revealed he wore them on election day and beyond, says the L.A. Times. C'mon! The khakis were the worst bit!

There's a new Indian take-out spot on Broadway near Pike/Pine/Mud Bay: It's painted in ELECTRIC COLORS and called Spice Box. Check it out.

The Trump plague spreads: "More than 130 Secret Service officers who help protect the White House and the president when he travels have recently been ordered to isolate or quarantine because they tested positive for the coronavirus or had close contact with infected co-workers," reports the Washington Post.

Harry Styles makes history: As the first "solo male" on the cover of Vogue, which was shot by Tyler Mitchell, who also made history in 2018 as the first Black photographer to shoot a cover of the magazine. I think the (muted) color palette is perfect for fall.

Microsoft says it's detected hackers in Russia and North Korea attacking COVID-19 vaccine creators, reports Geekwire. Here's part of the Microsoft blog post announcing the detections:

In recent months, we’ve detected cyberattacks from three nation-state actors targeting seven prominent companies directly involved in researching vaccines and treatments for Covid-19. The targets include leading pharmaceutical companies and vaccine researchers in Canada, France, India, South Korea and the United States. The attacks came from Strontium, an actor originating from Russia, and two actors originating from North Korea that we call Zinc and Cerium.

Love Slog AM/PM?

Among the targets, the majority are vaccine makers that have Covid-19 vaccines in various stages of clinical trials. One is a clinical research organization involved in trials, and one has developed a Covid-19 test. Multiple organizations targeted have contracts with or investments from government agencies from various democratic countries for Covid-19 related work.

There might be a few more open seats in the House soon: US House Democrats and Republicans were planning on holding dinners for new members IRL—and then the backlash started. The Democrats will now offer to-go bags. Here's Nancy Pelosi's Deputy Chief of Staff:

In more COVID-shaming news, Gavin Newsom apologized for going to an outdoor dinner gathering at the French Laundry last week: If I were playing Coastal Elite bingo, this story would check a lot of boxes.

If you're leaving the house this weekend, be sure to bring an umbrella: Shut up, I know you have one.