Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on the Possibility of Progressive Legislation in 2021

"I think we could pass a big infrastructure package—a really bold one, even with a split Senate, because it's very popular across the country."



I'm going to wait at least another month until we have more accurate election data to determine a more specific analysis, however based on what we've seen so far:

1) Voters just hated Tr666p specifically and wanted to defenestrate him. This would explain the ticket-splitting that gave Biden the White House, while allowing Republinazis a shot at retaining control of the Senate;

2) White voters vote for white racists, period, no matter how incompetent, deranged, and self-destructive they are. $hitler actually increased his margins with white women by grabbing their pussies. (PUUUUUUKE!!! And fuck you, white men and white women);

3) The polls were so far off due to the embarrassment factor. The marginal difference between the years-long polls and the actual results is due to white voters knowing that voting for $hitler was morally wrong and an abomination that would destroy the country, but they were too embarrassed to tell that to pollsters and did it anyway out of spite and racist hatred.


Thank the FSM that we have these fearless, courageous women leading us out of this living nightmare: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pramila Jayapal, Ilhan Omar, Katie Porter, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Elizabeth Warren. They are our guiding lights to the future, and I will always remember their bravery.


And just to emphasize: My "fuck you, white men and white women" is directly aimed at the anti-American traitors that have enthusiastically enabled and supported this racist, sexist, fascist Tr666p-Republinazi terrorist attack against the American people all these years.


@Original Andrew: ("fuck you, white men and white women")?!...I think we know who the actual racist is here, and it's not "The Others" you wrongly consider to be Nazis simply because they do not share your radical politics. You also wrote ("White voters vote for white racists, period, no matter how incompetent, deranged, and self-destructive they are." and "white voters knowing that voting for $hitler was morally wrong and an abomination that would destroy the country") Sir, your venomous and insanely-toxic rhetoric is proof that you are enacting the exact hateful behavior you fool yourself into thinking you struggle against. You are merely and cheaply projecting your own sins. For shame!


@4: To be intellectually honest, you need to include a fuck you to the increasing number of people of color men and to the increasing number of people of color women who voted for "this racist, sexist, fascist Tr666p-Republinazi terrorist attack against the American people all these years."


@6 The fact that you could type "Socialist Agenda" in reference to a BIDEN win tells us all we need to know about the level of fucking insane delusion under which you operate.

Dumbfuck, you think the "covid19 mess" is going to be magically solved by the power of the mighty market? What do you think you morons have been trying? And golly gee. It didn't work, did it?

I mean sure, there was the rightwing brand of "socialism" handing billions over to bankers and billionaires. How's that working a quarter of million deaths later?

The fact is the "socialist agenda," as you hysterically attempt to frame it, in every other civilized nation on this god damned planet is merely "Shit that works."

Shit like raising minimum wages. Legalizing weed. Expanding Medicare. Which PASSED OVERWHELMINGLY. In RED STATES.

No. Sorry, Trollflake. Fuck off. Your cult lost.

We're going to continue with the sane agenda of lowering your healthcare costs, raising your wages, making sure you can get sick leave, seeing to it your don't drown or die from wildfires, and improving your rights if you're a minority whether you're deluded to think that is "socialist" or not.

I swear. You're a fucking lunatic.


Isn't it amazing how each election always proves how everybody's priors were exactly correct?


@5 -- Bullshit. The only reason Trump was even close was because there are so many white people in this country. He won an overwhelming majority of people of color, as every Democrat has since Nixon. If white people decided to just sit this one out, it would be a landslide, the sight of which we haven't seen in generations. You would need to go back 200 years, when James Monroe ran unopposed to find the kind of numbers for Biden amongst the non-white community. Seriously, Biden got around 87% of the black vote -- Monroe got about 80% of the total vote (with about 20% going to the Federalist Party, despite the fact that no one was running).

This idea that "the country is divided" is bullshit. The white part of the country is divided. The rest of the people here don't buy the Republican bullshit (and haven't, since Nixon adopted the racist elements of the old Democratic Party).


"Otherwise, it might prove difficult to raise any taxes to pay for the next round of projects."

Why should the Democrats raise taxes, when it is the Republicans that run the huge deficits. I'm tired of playing the responsible parent. Fuck it. You Republicans want to ignore the debt, fine. We can do the same thing. To quote the Republican that pretty much epitomizes the Republican Party (Dick Cheney), deficits don't matter (politically).


@6 "Instead of embarking on a "Green Spending Spree" ought we first take care of the current crop of problems...such as the Covid mess and resulting destruction of our small businesses."

Yes, that is priority number one. It will be made all the better if Republican assholes just get out of the fucking way. Not only have Republicans fucked up the pandemic response, but they've repeatedly fucked up the relief for small businesses. Probably because they don't give a fuck about small businesses, but are only concerned with the welfare of big businesses. That explains why we haven't seen any relief for months, as they make sure big companies don't get sued for exploiting their workers during a pandemic.


@5: Then explain why Miami-Dade county went for Trump.


And it's not that Cuban and Venezuelan immigrants to Florida are racist, is that they place their anti-socialism as worth the price of being labeled a racist by joining the Trumpist camp.


People always try to look for a theme after an election. Sometimes there is one (like 2018 or 2010). Sometimes their isn't. I think this is one of those other times. The most powerful incumbent lost, convincingly. Yet a lot of Senators kept their job. At this point, there are only two incumbents that lost -- both were in states that now routinely vote for the other party. Collins won not because the country is leaning left or right, but just because people in Maine actually like her (there is a reason she has won her Senate seat so many times). Meanwhile, the Republicans picked up some seats because they ran solid candidates -- especially women -- in swing districts.

The polls were wrong across the board. Folks voted to the right of the polls, but pretty much down the middle otherwise. If you didn't look at the polls, this is pretty much what you would have guessed. It just feels like some sort of theme because the polls suggested a "blue wave" that didn't materialize.


Miami Dade is 75% white. It's not hard to explain. Fear of being a minority comes easy to a group who has historically treated minorities so terribly. Trump wins on fear.


@14. Huh huh, hey ma! Look! I called a powerful woman ugly! Yuk yuk yuk, I owned the libs! Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaw


I think this interview eloquently demonstrates Rep. Jayapal is ready to become the next Speaker.


I agree that President Biden and VP Harris have a mandate to enact $15/hour national minimum wage, and Medicare For All, and to end all the massive tax subsidies for fossil fuel infrastructure and a military designed for the 19th century (giant capital ships, large bases) instead of the 21st century (drone frigates, smaller faster more efficient, with renewables supply chains that are resistant to enemy attacks).


@ the first #5,

Meh, fuck you.

@ the second #5,

Fuck those traitors, too.


@14 crawl back into your sad little sock puppet hole, shit for brains.


@16: Okay - It's not just me saying this - but there is complaining about why Trump got more black and latino votes than expected. That was hope that minorities would swing FL to Biden (almost did though).


"There’s so much more work we can do around decriminalizing people, which is very much tied into law enforcement because they’re the ones arresting people and putting them in jail."

Ms. Jayapal..., you know as well as I do that cops don't write the laws. Police Officers work under a chain of command. The top of that chain, the Chief of Police, works at the behest of the mayor. When the drug dealers and associated street crime gets too heavy, community groups, business organizations and other non-government entities pressure the mayor and councilmembers to clean it up. The mayor communicates this to the PD and things get going. This has been going on for, like ever. Back in the 80's, when the crack epidemic emerged in Seattle, community groups and residents in the Rainier Valley and Central District applied tremendous pressure on the commanders at the precinct level to clean it up. Law enforcement action does not occur in a vacuum. The mayor has the authority to direct LE priorities (and by the way, fire the Chief) but politics being what they are, he or she tries to play both sides. By your comment, you are heaping the blame on the backs of law enforcement. You politicians (going back quite a ways) created this problem. The cops are just trying to do their job.

And you guys making fun of Ms. Jayapal, really? While I agree with little or nothing she says, she seems intelligent and sincere. Take the high road for a change, give her a little respect.



Cops may not make laws, but they have a huge amount of discretion when it comes to selectively enforcing them. As a white person your chances of getting let off with a warning for low-level drug possession is orders of magnitude higher than a Black person for the same substance in the same quantities: you get a slap on the wrist; they get jail time.


@24 - I and most of my (older) white friends all have stories of how we were once treated leniently by the cops.
Mine is- I was a passenger in a 70's model Chevy Suburban at 2 in the morning with a buddy, both drunk after a night of hard partying in Pioneer Square.
Onto the Viaduct, then into the Battery Street tunnel... whoops, a little too fast , into the curb, then over to the other side and into that curb, and then almost in slow motion up and over onto our side. Damn. Gas leaking out... bad situation.
Called the cops (there were phones in the tunnel like every 100 feet) and before they arrived we coordinated our stories... they split us up and questioned us, put out an APB for some mythical dark Camaro that we claimed had "cut us off" ... and then... nothing. Took us both over to Denny somewhere and dropped us off.
This was around 1980, 1981... different era. No breathalyzer, nothing.


"Many things called ‘far left’ or ‘radical policies’ are just about honoring the people, and making it so people have the opportunity to work 40 hours a week and still take care of their families, and have health care, and have good union jobs." --rep. Jayapal

“They's a lot of fellas wanta know what reds is.' He laughed. 'One of our boys from [somewhere?] foun' out.' He patted the piled earth gently with his shovel. 'Fella named Hines--got 'bout thirty thousan' acres, peaches and grapes--got a cannery an' a winery.

Well, he's all a time talkin' about 'them goddam reds'. 'Goddamn reds is drivin' the country to ruin,' he says, an' 'We got to drive these here red bastards out.'

Well, they were a young fella jus' come out west here, an' he's listenin' one day. He kinda scratched his head an' he says, 'Mr. Hines, I ain't been here long. What is those goddamn reds?'

Well sir, Hines says, 'A red is any son-of-a-bitch that wants thirty cents an hour when we're payin' twenty-five!"

Well, this young fella he thinks about her, an' he scratches his head, an' he says, 'Well, Jesus, Mr. Hines, I ain't a son-of-a-bitch but if that's what a red is -- why, I want thirty cents an hour.'

Ever'body does. Hell, Mr. Hines, we're all reds.”
― John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

we just chose a democrat over a fascist.

let's choose democratic socialism* (call it something else) and most of the Citizenry'll be quite Pleased. and lots less Poor.

*no, NOT corporate socialism -- that's Fascism.


@2: Wait...whoaaaaa, Original Andrew! I understand your anger, but you can't possibly mean me, so please don't rope me in with evil Trumpist white voters. I'm a white woman over 50 who wisely voted BIDEN / HARRIS. Trumpty didn't grab my pussy, nor will he ever.

@6 misinformed: Begone, lil MAGA tool, before you draw more of Pence's flies. Your Der Gropenfuher LOST BY OVER 5.8 MILLION VOTES TO JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS. BIDEN /HARRIS WON THE ELECTORATE--OVER 306 VOTES to DER GROPENFUHRER's 232. GET OVER IT, ALREADY. IT'S OVER.

WOW. @14 must have been one hell of a sore MAGA LO$ER that Biden / Harris won the election fair and square.


@27: Sorry auntie - OA was quit clear "White voters vote for white racists, period." So sorry, you'll just have to come to terms with your racism.


From the link @1: "...bringing in more people and ultimately flipping reliably red states to blue."

Exactly. Rather than wasting our time trying to engage the white, male dead-enders who repeatedly voted for colossal failure, we'll bring ever more diversity and numbers to the polls. Problem solved! Thanks for the reminder , @1!


@ 27/28,

Perhaps you missed my post #4; I’m specifically referring to Tr666p voters, the majority of whom are white and have disgraced us all.