Slog AM: Boeing's 737 Max Is Back, Nancy Pelosi Keeps Her Post, White House Calls COVID Restrictions "Orwellian"



Guess where the highest COVID-19 mortality rate in the world is: Go on. Guess. You're right. The world's highest COVID-19 mortality rate is in North Dakota!

ND & SD have large populations of indigenous Americans who are at high susceptibility to C19, and who also live in abject poverty. Those two things plus the Trump administration have sealed their fates. MAGA.


You should probably point out that the North Dakota mortality rate is deaths PER DAY.


I'm not Orwellian, YOU'RE Orwellian! La la la la la


Oh for the days of Nirvana!
One of my favorites songs by them is Lake of Fire-
and we can all think of a few people who belong there (hint - not Kurt Cobain).


I’ve realized that the Tr666p regime’s obstruction of the transition is irrelevant. Their national destruction will continue until they are physically removed in January. Biden is bringing in a team of experts; some are major power players with over four decades of DC experience.

There is nothing that the Tr666pnazi trash could tell them that would be remotely useful or intelligent. It would be like insane screaming monkeys hopping up and down while trying to explain quantum computing. They all will be purged and hopefully charged for their non-stop treasonous criminality, incompetence, and abuse of the American people.

They are also soulless, psychopathic liars who’ll gleefully spit in the faces of the families of the ~400,000 Americans that will be dead at that point, along with the tens of millions of others whose lives have been ruined by the economic collapse, and declare themselves to be the greatest rulers this nation has ever seen. The Tr666pnazis must pay dearly, every last gawdamn one of them.


Remember when the MAGA Trolls were all like “If Biden wins CoVID19 will magically disappear in November!”

Remember that?

They don’t. This insane Death Cult is not only responsible for over a quarter of a million American deaths but is actively engaged in usurpation of a free and fair election and the staging of a coup.

It’s happening. Right now.


I get a kick out of this administration attempting to invoke a literary reference to describe a situation. It's admirable, though they should really be limited to making reference to characters from works and authors they've actually read, which in Trump's case would surely limit him to 50's era comic books. One might call it Jughead-ian in practice.


Notice also, that the magat trolly trolls have gone pretty silent?
They'll likely be back, and like most other magats in a few months will be claiming they never heard of tRump.


@2 - no, that's not what the death rate means. It's not a daily count; it's the rate at which people who are infected die.


@2,9 - nevermind, I re-read. Yes, it's the number of people per capita that are dying from the disease on a daily basis.



@12. Fake News. The Taliban sent millions of legal ballots to win Trump every state undergoing a recount.



You're not even trying anymore, are you? Maybe it's time to just step away from the keyboard, take a long, hot bath, and contemplate how you're going to justify your existence for the next four years.


1, Sturgis was an absolute cesspool of disease that exploded all over the upper midwest and the people who allowed this to happen should be punished but of course they won't. SD's idiot governor was actively pushing for more tourism in her shithole state during the pandemic. They set their citizens up for a disaster this winter.


NATO is the enemy, Russia is our friend, Kim Jong Un writes beautiful letters, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery, and we have always been at war with China.


lol trying to understand where the idea even came from that native americans went for trump. Was it an exit poll or something? Tribal lands are distinct voting districts so you don't need to wait for a more sophisticated demographic analysis to get a sense of how they voted


@17. Lol you and your data and expertise. You silly egghead, you're deluded by academia and just can't see that good ol' fashioned gut feeling and apocryphal hearsay from the "I'll tell you hwat" good ol' boys at the dig site is what's really goin on. You think those elitist coastal elites have a clue about anything beyond their bubbles of greed and what they are told to believe by the triggered SJW trying to destroy real America so they can turn us all into an anarchist marxist fascist sharia law lovin vegan paradise where all sports are banned except for trans athletes?


The governments of the dakotas don't really care if most of their population dies off because they've still got the minimum 3 electoral votes each even if both states are (even more) unpopulated.


Dakotas = 4 Senators
California = 2 Senators


People elected trump and then 70 million voted for him again despite his achieving absolutely nothing besides a botched pandemic response that cratered our economy, killed a quarter million and counting and saddled untold millions with chronic health problems that will shave years off their lives. People are dumb and they vote for terrible people for reasons i will never understand but that doesn’t absolve those leaders of any responsibility for their failure.

Just mystifying to say BuT tHeY VoTeD fOr hEr!!!! as though that means it doesn’t matter that she killed people & wrecked her state’s healthcare system so she could host a weeklong biker orgy. Stupid people make stupid choices then even stupider people run interference for corrupt and irresponsible leadership.


From what I read, Boeing only patched MCAS so they didn't really fix anything. Those jets still have two main problems: MCAS and engines that are too big. I also read airlines plan to obscure passengers' ability to determine if they're flying on a death jet by simply not including "Max" in the name. Safety is their ultimate concern though, promise.


Imagine if people at the highest levels of federal service simply told Trump "No." Imagine anybody telling him No. Dude fucking lost, tell his ass NO. NO. NO you cannot. NO you cannot fire me by tweet, I'm not leaving. Pull the same shit and fuck these asshats trying to give our country away. "But there's no official procedure and I mean our policies are sort of ambiguous about this situation since it's never been..." WTF SAY NO. Just say no! JUST SAY NO!!! Fuck his uppity constituents who will talk shit, fuck em all. Just say no! You lose, that land is had, there's nothing you can do about it. DRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINAGE!!! DRAINAGE, DONNY YOU BOY. Drained dry, I'm so sorry.


@23 - then what you read is bullshit. Find better sources, because currently, you're spreading misinformation.

Hate on Boeing all you want, but safety IS their priority because, as the previous year has demonstrated, you can't sell an unsafe airplane.


I don’t know if this is intentional or not but I’m sick to death of politics.

I’m sick of being told that white supremacists aren’t white supremacists(please refer to the Proud Boys for a good example), that straight up madness hasn’t taken hold on one side of the aisle(please refer to the House gains for QAnon), and that wanting people to not get sick and die makes you a Stalinist or “Orwellian”.

I can’t wait till I can go back to “brunch”.

“Brunch” in this case is lots of therapy, maybe medication, at least one minor surgery, and more months of quarantine.

And no, I am very much not ok.



I can beat that... I can beat that (said in Richard Dreyfuss "Jaws" voice):

Electoral votes: 62
Combined population: 30,000,000
Senators: 24

Half of the United States Senate represents less than 10% of the United States population.

As reference:
Electoral votes: 55
Population: 40,000,000
Senators: 2

Forget redistricting counties within states. The entire map of the US needs to be redrawn.


How does knowing where the white giraffe is through a GPS tag prevent it from succumbing to poaching? It seems that could only happen if the poachers were also GPS tagged and intercepted before poaching the giraffe. And I'm reasonably sure they're not.


@28: Paired with other location data of where the poachers are or might be, it is a tool for the effort.


@8 They became the New MAGA Concern Trolls, AKA: #11 "Bess."


@25 Sure, lets only look at the previous year where commercial flights were significantly diminished... I'd be curious to hear what changes they've made that ensures your confidence in their safety. MCAS is there to compensate for the engine placement. Pilots and unions are still expressing concerns about the complicated system ( Boeing's toxic corporate culture sure hasn't changed, they'll still be cutting corners (and engineering jobs) to satisfy their stock holders. By the way, here's my source about identifying the jets: (the short of it is that there's no standard for identifying marks)


@29 - That's my point; unless something is missing from the story, they won't know where the poachers are. If they did, poaching wouldn't be the crisis it is.


Yes Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House of Representatives and thanks to anarchists in Portland and Seattle, and the progressives who enable them, she will have the slimmest House Majority since WWII.

This should have been a blowout but The Presidential election was a squeaker, the Republicans maintained control of the Senate, and the Democrats lost 15 seats in the House. In addition the GOP maintained control of the majority of State Legislatures which means they get to redistrict after the 2020 census. Hope you enjoy your gerrymander.

Face it, with the exception of ousting Trump (barely) the 2020 elections were disastrous for those of us on the left side of the spectrum. They'll be no Statehood for DC, no grand judicial overhaul, no chance of ending the filibuster, or the Electoral College.

It seems as though most of the country was unimpressed watching PNW anarchists in the streets of Seattle and Portland every night for a summer.

Thanks Progressives!


@31.. Lemme guess.. you got an aeronautical engineering degree or MBA from Trump U.. Or was it University of Phoenix? Did you go all out and upgrade to the Summa Cum Laude level?


While Alex didn’t realize that stop at Sony would be Kurt’s last recording within the camp there was already great concern for his health. The spiral had started well before in spite of the best efforts of those around him. It wasn't because they wanted to keep their jobs, everyone there was top notch and could get work with most anyone. It was because working with Kurt, Dave, Krist and Pat was fun and exciting. Kurt was a good but troubled soul.


Boeing telling MAX pilots its MCAS system even Exists (Whoops!) is a huge step forward. plus, (finally!) simulators! -- Learn to fly our plane without Dying!

regardless: either their short-sighted persuit of Profits over Safety changes or the airplane maker goes bye-bye (to Oblivion, not South Carolina).

Boeing could start by putting their largest Stakeholders on their Board of Directors -- their Union Employees. they may not ring up the Huge Profits* they thought they might score -- by rushing ahead with an unstable airplane, and Hoping -- but maybe if their planes quit Plummeting tf outta the Sky they might sell more of them...

*gotta Wonder how much $$$ Boeing
Lost by barrelling thru an unsafe plane.


4 "Lake of Fire" was written by Meat Puppets. Just where credit is due.


@31 - at this point, if the FAA are satisfied, so am I. The amount of additional regulatory oversight on this issue is almost unprecedented.

You can claim that Boeing are motivated by profits over safety. Can't make that claim about the Feds.


@38 -- "You can claim that Boeing are motivated by profits over safety. Can't make that claim about the Feds."

not even, if the Fed in charge of running the US Department of Transportation is McMoscow McMitch KkKonnell's wife?

the guy who packed and stacked our Federal Courts with nothing but bright young fascist ideologues? so, Elaine Chao is Ethical? her hubby saf ain't.

tell me -- do we have a whole New FAA
'cause they're the ones who let Boeing decide
what's SAFE.


sorry, Jonman, your Confidence in our regulatory bodies may be wishful thinking.

from today's NYT:
Boeing 737 Max Is Cleared by F.A.A. to Fly Again

The U.S. agency said changes in software, design and training had made the plane safe to operate after two fatal crashes and 20 months out of service.

one reader's insightful Comment on the article:

“Elaine Chao is the head of the Department of Transportation. She is also Mitch McConnell’s wife. Both fly chartered or government jets and are lobbied hard by Boeing.

In January she charted a panel reviewing the two MAX crashes and exonerated the FAA and Boeing for the way the plane was certified as safe to fly, calling the system “effective.”

The panel strongly defended the FAA program that allows manufacturers to certify large swaths of their own planes with FAA oversight. The report, which was authored by five aviation industry insiders, in some instances quotes previous FAA talking points word-for-word.

In other words, we are keeping the same process in place and have done nothing to change the process that created the MAX. Our government regulatory agencies - the ones funded by our taxes to speak on our behalf and ensure our safety - are answering to corporate interests and not the people who are funding them.

There are reports that Boeing is considering rebranding the MAX, making it harder for consumers to know if they’re booking a flight on one. Keep this in mind if you want to avoid flying the MAX.

In short, do not fly on the MAX, at least not for a while (they likely won’t be up and running before January). All of this regulatory stuff is PR. As a very frequent flyer, I won’t be on a MAX (or whatever it’s rebranded into) anytime soon, if at all.” – NYCnative; NYC


@6, While I know trying to make sense of Trump's BS is a fool's errand, I'm going to try anyway. My understanding is that the Democrats hoax was exaggerating the China Virus to make Trump loop bad, (the Kungflu itself is real and was engineered by Chi-naa to attack the US) If Biden won there would be no need to continue using the hoax to make Trump look bad because he'd just be a loser at that point, on the other hand if Trump won, wouldn't the left still want to make him look bad?
This is were Trump's claim that we wouldn't hear about Covid19 after Nov. 4 falls apart (yes, I know it fell apart long before this point, but work with me) The only reason for the left to stop the hoax is if they got what they wanted, so was Trump saying he was going to lose? if so, why hasn't he admitted it and let the hoax end?

Now one might think Trump thought the Left would be gracious losers and stop the hoax after they lost, but can anyone seriously think Trump could even comprehend the idea of being a gracious loser? He couldn't even be a gracious winner. Sure he only technically won in '16,, the People voted for Clinton which he might be bitter about, but a win is a win and he couldn't even handle that.

Rhetorical questions, I know he a pathological liar, none too bright, and a general sack of shit. What I don't know is which of those attributes appeal to his supporters and why?


Orwellian is an awful big word for Trump or anyone in the White House to use, let alone understand the context of, so who do you think it was? Funny (and not funny HA HA) THAT is the term they chose as they are epitome of the Orwellian nightmare regarding denial of reality.


made My Dick BIGGER, too, alfreed
and now i carry it 'round in a wheelbarrow
& whilst I've yet to hear a Woman 'complain' about it
perhaps it's 'casue they're rapidly running in the Opposite direction.

does our famous 'DOKTOR' OHNO
also CURE hearing loss?

sorry -- you'll have to Speak UP


@5 Original Andrew: Agreed and seconded.

@11: Begone, lil MAGA, before you draw more of Pence's flies.
Back slowly away from your keyboard and computer can do it.

@40 kristofarian: Thank you for the FAA warning, kris.
Luckily I have no plans to fly again anytime soon.

@44: Are you a deported Nigerian prince living in exile, too?


@45 -- not Yet.