Like the Trump voters care about rules!




If we had a functional DOJ, she would be serving a four year term in Federal Prison.

But, as you know, we won't have one until ... mid-January.


The GOP now is against the Beatitudes, while claiming to be Christian. This is sickening beyond belief.
This reminds me of when the GOP blasted Rev Wright, a Christian pastor whose church Obama attended - while a sizeable portion of the GOP was blasting Obama for being Muslim!?!


Here's something to all who say COVID only kills the oldsters and they're going to have a big Thanksgiving no matter what.


"One of my favorite sermons is entitled 'Love your neighbor.' And in practical terms, that means you don't get rid of your neighbor's health care in the middle of a pandemic."

not 'less you're the Prosperity Jesus
and then you just Know it's the Rich
what needs the Protectin'.

Republicans -- always Wrong
and in the Worst of ways.
and so it Goes?


This to add to Catalina Vel-DuRay's often repeated and well said phrase:

RepubliKKKans are horrible people, and they're sore LO$ERs, too.


Trump's concession speech (for those who missed it the first time)

PS They're asking Secret Service who wants to move to Florida.

PPS IF Trump goes to prison does he still get Secret Service protection? Asking for a friend.


a floating prison
anchored at Mal-a-Largess
fit for a Fool who'll (Thank god)
no longer Rule enthroned on a stool
where trumpf can drive golf balls for kids
to retrieve for a Quarter apiece and never mind
the sharks. it'll be his new Media Center. can you
send him five dollars? perpetually. it's all in the fine print.


@9 -- it took a little Editing
but trumpfy finally got it right.


Aaaargh, xina, you made me click on that video and now I can't get that horrible coat Melania was wearing out of my head. One of the ugliest things I've ever seen, next to her 'I don't give a fuck' jacket.
Woman has good bones, good posture if nothing else, carries herself like a classy person but her fashion sense is the worst - bar none.


Me and my gf are both voting for the two dem senators down here in GA.

I've always been sort of embarrassed about living here, but seeing it go for Biden in the election helped ease that a little.


@12 - she knows her market and dresses accordingly. Reeled Fat Donald in like a half-rotten trout, and Ka-Ching! $$$!!!!! . Kind of like how most people think the decor at the Olive Garden is tacky, but it works for their target audience.


@2 & @5 pat L, @9 xina & @10 kristofarian: Trumpty Dumpty gets incarcerated in a floating Florida prison? If the prison guards are giant alligators Griz just got her wish granted. If so, did I call it, or what? Wally Gator was last seen roaming Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples, Florida. He and his reptilian pals are looking for Trumpty Dumpty. The Orange Shitstain is going to pay for being a Trumpage Spiral. His being dragged off, kicking and screaming like Ethel Merman I hope goes viral. The world will cheer. And from here on out it will be up to us to see to it that shit like Trump never occupies the White House ever again May this spell the mass extinction of the GOP..

@12 kallipugos: Thank you for the warning about the video. Now I'm grateful to not have seen it. I also can't stand Melania and have no sympathy for her, especially after her flaunting the "I don't give a fuck" jacket. That was such inexcusably poor taste.The neofascist Trump / Pence Evil Empire will always be known as Rich White Trash preying upon the fears of Poor White Trash. Spreading fear, hate-speech, propaganda, smoke, and mirrors like a disease is their only concept of power, along with flagrant fraud, waste, and abuse.

@13 Urgutha Forka: Thank you and bless you and your GF for voting Biden / Harris and helping make Georgia blue!


@9 Yes. Trump gets Secret Service protection even if incarcerated, unless if it is refused by Trump (I am not totally up on those rules) or withdrawn by an act of Congress.


@16 But what that protection looks like is not set by law. I picture a Secret Service man sitting at a desk, playing with his phone, and watching Trump sit in his cell on a monitor, and then escorting him for his time in the yard each day. Since he will be doing state time, Club Fed will not be an option.


surely an incarcerated trumpfster won't pull
an Epstien and do sumthin' Foolish when
the Guard 'happens' to be looking Away?

pullin' (hard!) here
for ya trumpfy!

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