Jess Stein

"Anarchist Cities Do It Better!"
Spotted on Broadway.
Spotted on Broadway. JK
This USPS sticker person is prolific. I nearly forgot about when Trump and the DOJ labeled Seattle, Portland, and New York City "anarchist jurisdictions." Too much has happened this year.

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"You Are Dying"
Is this skull smiling?
Is this skull smiling? JK
Spotted on 15th on a morning when I really did feel like I was dying. I'm pretty sure it was just acid reflux.

I hate them.
I hate them. JK
This comes to us via local punk band Bugs and would be a good font for our Slog logo at the top of the landing page.

"No More Bullshit
Been seeing more Trump stickers recently.
Been seeing more Trump stickers recently. JK
This sticker is funny because Trump and all his henchmen trade exclusively on bullshit. (Side note, why do conservative graphic designers suck so hard?)

"If You Are Neutral..."
A big one.
A big one. JK
This one is a bit of an oldie that I spotted in the summer, but it's always right. Thanks Desmond Tutu.

A lil chode in the afternoon sun.
A lil chode in the afternoon sun. JK
I thought this was a one-off chode, but I've seen this tag more and more around Capitol Hill. What an interesting angle.

"H*es Be Like..."
Theres been a lot of meme stickers recently.
A lot of meme stickers recently. JK
This sticker comes to us via shirtless_gatorade. I've seen this one on Instagram meme accounts, but I didn't think it would translate to the street very well. It doesn't, but I love someone printing a meme onto a sticker to post outside of Glo's.

Whats this font?
What's this font? JK
Whenever I see the word yuppie, I think of Patrick Bateman.

"No New Weird Things"
Is this a campaign in conjunction with Keep Portland Weird?
Purple text on a black background is hard to read. JK
I think this slogan comes from the same universe as "Keep Portland Weird"?

"I Would Literally Die"
A great one to end on.
Spotted on E Olive Way JK
A great one to end on. Really makes you think.
As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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