Slog AM: Your Second Stimulus Check, a Few More Seconds of Daylight, Changes at Cal Anderson, and Potato Men



`The situation is complicated, but basically a group of hackers (suspected to be tied to the Russian government, although Trump blamed China) infected...´
ՓTrump blames China so you know it was Russia


If AOC thinks it's shameful that 4000 Amazon employees qualify for SNAP, what until she finds out how many of our country's military families qualify!!!

(It's more than 20,000, for those who don't want to do the search)


The most humiliating and demoralizing aspects of the last four years have been how helpless, incompetent, and corrupt the federal government has been at dealing with any of it. No wonder the Russians think we're a joke.

Talk about a paper tiger--they were conquered by a pathetic moron like Dotard Judas Tr666p.


1) Why would you write an article about a dangerous state-sponsored computer virus, immediately followed by "the virus has mutated?" For a moment I was all agape that computer viruses could do that.
2) The show is called "Lower Decks" and John De Lancie WAS on it, episode 8.


Republinazi allegations are always confessions, so with them screaming about election fraud, you’d think someone would have some kind of interest in investigating how the likes of Moscow Mitch McCONjob and Miss Lindsey Gray-uhm “won” their elections in landslides after having been so totally upside down in the polls for years, so that they can continue to torture us and ruin the nation. A racist kleptocracy that's waged a viciously cruel economic war to destroy its own people is illegitimate by definition.

BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell’s re-election don’t add up

"Turning an 18% approval into a 58% win may seem like a “turning water into wine”-style miracle, but a “smoke & mirrors” parlor trick seems more likely. There were wide, unexplained discrepancies between the vote counts for presidential candidates and down-ballot candidates. Significant anomalies exist in the state’s voter records. Forty percent of the state’s counties carry more voters on their rolls than voting-age citizens.

Even in counties that voted overwhelmingly for Democrats as recently as the 2019 gubernatorial election, there were a staggering number of Democrats voting Republican in 2020. In 119 of 120 counties, Amy McGrath got more votes than Joe Biden. In some counties, the votes were close. But in counties like Breathitt and Elliott, 1 out of 5 voters appear to have filled out their ballots with votes for both the female Democratic Amy McGrath and the Republican pussy-grabber Donald Trump.

Lindsey Graham’s race in South Carolina was so tight that he infamously begged for money, yet he won with a comfortable 10% lead—tabulated on ES&S machines throughout the state. In Susan Collins’s Maine, where she never had a lead in a poll after July 2, almost every ballot was fed through ES&S machines. Kentucky, South Carolina, Maine, Texas, Iowa and Florida are all states that use ES&S machines. Maybe the polls didn’t actually get it wrong."


Gotta love the irony of CP2077 devs making a game that puts corporations on blast for horrible business practices while CD Projekt Red cracks the crunch time whip.

It works fine on PC with the appropriate hardware. It's no more buggy than any AAA Bethesda or Ubisoft new release. But console people definitely got screwed and it is borderline fraud how the game was marketed for consoles.


@5: Sore losers is definitely a bi-partisan thing.


ʭ 4 Computer viruses CAN mutate.



Perhaps, but it seems that Dems are sore about the fact that we have a tendency to "lose" elections in which significantly more people vote for our candidate that do for our opponents. Which is fundamentally fucking absurd. I'd think it'd only be noteworthy were we note sore about such an outcome. To say nothing of the fact that, even if our candidate DOES actually win, they'll be hamstrung by a bizarre legislative system that gives significantly more power to a few dozen rural bumpkins from South Dakota than several million Californians, and no viable means by which to reform said system.


There is a series called Star Trek: Picard, starring Patrick Stewart. That could be a place where Q shows up. (I think Stewart invited Whoopi Goldberg to reprise her role in the second season, and Guinan and Q didn't get along, so that would be a perfect opportunity.)


@ 7,

The losers are the American people, who've apparently decided to commit national suicide over racist hatred and insatiable greed by keeping the Republinazis in power.

And that still doesn't change the fact that apparently millions of people inexplicably changed their minds on election day, nor that the results were wildly incongruous compared to elections in 2018 and 2019. The fact that the states that produced these bizarre results all use the Omaha Nebraska-based Election Systems & Software voting machines is one helluva a coincidence. It wouldn't be surprising to learn that company executives are all kleptocratic $upporters and donor$ to the Republinazi party.

It's a classic fascist trick to scream "LOOK OVER THERE!!!," in this case to the Toronto, Canada-based Dominion Voting Systems, to cover up their own crimes.


The UK borders are already shutdown for flights out of the disaster COVID zone, and the UK is already running out of food and medicine as predicted.

Boris won't do a thing about it, just blame others.

Just think Trump, but only 3/4 evil.


@13: It always was a long shot to unseat Mitch McConnell or Lindsay Graham. Sorry, you sound like Sidney Powell. Rawstory and Newsmax are convenient rags to point to attempt to elevate such arguments.


I, for one, welcome our Potato Men overlords ... and all their invasive small fries and tater tots.

Happy Solstice, to one and all!


"two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for lunch"

Hahahaha. God. Not this again.
Invent a new empty aphorism you simpering trolling cretin.

There's our broken record Troll Bess with yet another sock puppet. You just can't stay away can you? Just can't get the message.

Well. Don't worry. This sock puppet will get deleted eventually just like all the others. As will the next one. And the next one. And the next one.


All first past the post is minority rule.


@11 The US was founded to be controlled by rich, white, property owning men. A Republic is simply cover and the Electoral College was a way to placate slave owners and make sure these rich white men stayed in charge.


@2 That 6,000 figure is for only 9 states, representing ~17% of the US population:

So, a linear extrapolation would give us an estimate of 35,000 Amazon employees receiving SNAP benefits.

There are ~1.3M active US military, and ~700K Amazon employees (in the US).

That gives us ~1.5% of US Military families on food stamps, vs. ~5.0% of Amazon employee families.



@21 Ah, 4000, you say, not 6000? Then that would work out to 24k Amazon employees on SNAP, ~3.4% of their US workforce. Still more than double the rate of military families.


@ 19,

In reality, it’s clear that the opposite is true: our fraudulent system facilitates tyrannical rule by a hostile, occupying minority of genocidal white male thieves, and it’s impossible to hold this nation’s sadistic, abusive rulers accountable for their crimes against humanity no matter how openly corrupt, incompetent, and destructive they are (Exhibit A: US history 1776 - present).

Even winning the most votes is a meaningless endeavor, since our diabolical government structure—which no real democracy uses—gives the Republinazi opposition plenty of tools to obstruct the will of the people and destroy us even after losing “elections.”


Amazon is surprised people care? Why the fuck are taxpayers in this country subsidizing Amazon's profits when Bezos is stuffing nearly $100 BILLION into his pockets since the pandemic started? My guess is Amazon is surprised someone in CONGRESS cares that Amazon employees are living on food stamps.

As for the military, that too is incredibly shameful. The pentagon spends $2 BILLION A DAY. THAT IS TWO BILLION DOLLARS A DAY!!!! Where the fuck is all of that money going if military personnel have to live on food stamps?


And then there is this piece of news, oddly left out of your reporting.

Far-right protesters storm Oregon Capitol, are met with mace and pepper balls

In what is becoming a too-typical scene, a group of Trump supporters, some with guns and/or body armor, repeatedly attempted this morning to force their way past police officers and into the Oregon state Capitol building to protest pandemic safety restrictions and/or demand "revolution."


OMG the Days are getting Longer.


@3 -- see? that Proves it
our Gov't Cannot Work
Proven factoid
Done deal:

long live Corporate


And finally, regarding the $600 stimulus: some food for thought...

During the Pandemic this is the $ % of full wages that have been paid out to people in other countries (but we keep saying this country is the greatest country in the world).

The United Sates 0%

Japan 100%
Netherlands 90%
Norway 90%
Germany 87%
France 84%
Italy 80%
UK 80%
Canada 75%

(courtesy of Robert Reich)


yeah, xina but OUR Money's not for the Citizenry at Large -- it's for the Rich to Hoard. you can even ask McMoscow Mitch Putin's right-hand man.

sadly, our Rubes are too fuckin' Easy.


the purpose of the "anti-democratic" features of our government has never been to randomly give power to the minority on the then-rare/unlikely occasion that the electoral college didn't align with the popular vote. That would serve no greater purpose whatsoever, and alienates voters from the democratic process itself. The "anti-democratic" part comes into play when the majority supports laws or policies the suppresses a minority's constitutional rights.


@31 By "we" you mean "you."


@4 - Ha, I'm glad I was not the only one momentarily alarmed by your 1).


The $600 was a last minute bone for the masses. The real beef in the bill is extending the PPP and the two other unemployment extensions and the national eviction moratorium. Without that about 14 million people would have lost all benefits next week. There are some other relief packges as well including $15 billion for the Save Our Stages act for clubs, smaller venues, local and regional theater, etc. There is no further student loan forbearance but Crazy Uncle Joe can issue that via executive order.

You guys still working might scoff at $600 but the bill as a whole was a long needed life saver for millions of people.


There is rule by the rich here in Seattle as well. The mayor ordering brutal sweeps during this pandemic after Public Health officials advised the danger not only to their health but to the general population. Its not legal to leave pets out in bad weather but its ok to do it to human beings according to the elite here. This is in violation of international human rights. We have a rogue administration that is running rampant here with police violence.

The unemployment, stagnant wages and expensive standard of living, increases the chances of homelessness. Economic refugees is really what we have now and there probably will be a back lash if this is not rectified. Happy Holidays!

" business? Mankind's welfare was my business. The common good was my business..." Marley's ghost to Ebenezar Scrooge in Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol.


Just a reminder: PPP is a fucking loan.

All they are doing giving away the opportunity for more debt! And to get the inevitable failed business assets to big private banking interests. Loan forgiveness opportunities are opaque and will few and far between. Trust me.

Almost every other wealthy western democracy just gave direct relief payments to god damned citizens. Instead of these obtuse debt schemes.

Corruption is baked not this fucking nation now and the Republicans will exploit any disaster they can to drain the life from the middle and working class and funnel it to billionaires.


"... business . . . what business? Mankind's welfare was my business. The common good was my business... " --Marley's ghost


one side thinks Humans oughtta be On Top
the other thinks Profits trumps Humanity
meanwhile we plummet into the Abyss.
thnx, repubs. say Sayonara to your
Souls. Merry Xmas.