Flights from London, the Hotspot for a New COVID-19 Strain, Could Still Arrive at Sea-Tac



This is why you do national lock downs. And fucking ENFORCE them.

Better hope and pray this vaccine works with these new strains. So far it looks so. But we will not know for sure for months. There is some evidence of a similar South African strain causing more severe symptoms in younger populations. But we don't know that for sure either.

Again. That's why you do fucking national lockdowns. And fucking ENFORCE them.

And in the mean time, because this world is filled with sociopathic dipshits who do not care about other human beings and won't stay put thus providing ample breeding ground for the mutating virus, the same selection pressures will develop new strains.

And thanks to this worlds dumbfucks, there is now going to be "Covid Season." It's going to be endemic. And if people won't take vaccines prepare for years of this shit.


Fuck it! I'm jumping bandwagons. Screw you humanity! I'm on Team Covid now. Gotta love a winner! There's no quit in this kid.


Will Trump do anything about this?
Har, har, har!
Maybe he'll declare martial law
until he gets re-elected!


Fauci says not to overreact about London flights (which kind of surprises me):

However, if you want flights banned you just gotta let trump know Great Britain is home to millions of Muslims.


Yep, tons of Brits are are going to fly to Seattle around Christmas. Sure they are.


Guess I won't be passing through LHR any time soon


You know, in real countries, if there was a flight from a COVID variant hot spot like anywhere in England, especially London, they would just take them all to a hotel and quarantine them there for 15 days, no questions asked ... "when do we get out?" WE SAID NO QUESTIONS! "you're not the boss of me!" NO FOOD FOR HIM FOR 3 DAYS "we can just leave right?" (motions to armed guards who care nothing about you being white or rich) ,,,,


@4 -- Bingo.
just gotta think it thru...

omg who* gave @2 the Kool-Aide?

@Will -- was there any Head-bustin'?
can you tell us about the Head-bustin'?
& no food, three days?!
think how Hungry you'll be
for Turkey. do Brits eat turkey?
I'm leavin' Room for dessert.

*was it trumpf or Jerrod or Jr. or Jonestown's Own
Jimmy just-Try-it-you'll-Really-LIKE-it Jones
we wonder


There isn't a BA flight scheduled on Monday, so I don't know what was cancelled. The BA flights carry very few passengers, if any, at present. Mostly below-decks cargo. Calm down.



Travelocity lists 31 individual flights from LHR to SEA on Christmas Eve alone. Given an average of 138 seats per plane and an average crew of, say, 14 that's potentially as many as 4,700 people transiting through Sea Tac on a single day from a known COVID pandemic hot spot.

Now, granted not all of them are Brits, and there's the likelihood not all of the flights are going to be full, but that doesn't really matter, because however many people it turns out to be they're all coming from the same place and are all at roughly the same level of risk-exposure, that is to say, risky as fuck-all.

So, in fact, yeah, there are "tons of Brits" - several hundred tons by a conservative estimate - "flying to Seattle around Christmas".

Now, please do us all a favor and go back to fiddling the knobs on your ancient TEAC mixing board or whatever gets you off these days and leave the uninformed speculation to the experts - like Rainy or Dumbo In Shoreline or whatever handle Bailo has had to make up this week..


COMTE, there are precisely 4 direct flights between LHR and SEA. Per week. Last one was Sunday, next one is scheduled for Wednesday.


@5 I swear to Christ none of you even remotely understand logarithmic spread of a respiratory disease.

You know that people fly back and forth between the UK and a hundred other places... and the maybe go from there to the US.

And then, hold on to your hat, then fly through the same airports between all points in the US all the time. Those people? They gather in airports, cabs, trains stations, buses, indoor spaces where lots of people congregate. And these people go everywhere. So direct flights to Seattle are irrelevant.

And the virus doesn't give shit if you have Chinese lungs, British lungs, Saudi lungs or American lungs.

Trump did these same half measures bullshit in January through April. Where he placed restriction on at first only Chinese nationals coming to the US. But allowed Americans and other nationals to fly back and forth to China and the US for months. AND. Allowed flights from Hong Kong and Macao! And People with Chinese visa stamps from the EU.

Like only Chinese lungs spread the disease.

So that's why you lockdown. That's why you cancel ALL flights.


@11 Why do only direct flights matter? Is COVID19 a Business class direct only passenger?

Direct flights are irrelevant. They fly to other cities and then fly here. Or so do the people they come in contact with.

People fly (flew) from London to Schiphol, Frankfurt, and Charles de Gaulle every fucking day. Now most of those nations have halted flights— but are they allowing connections? I dunno.

Last time we did these half restrictions people found ways from China into the US with connecting airlines. People will find a way around half measures.


Perhaps Inslee should station WSP troopers at each gate at SeaTac and have them interrogate arriving passengers about whether they flew from London to Newark or wherever, and connected to Seattle from there. Charles's post was raising an alarm about direct flights from Heathrow, and there just aren't that many these days.

Maybe Trump will cut off US airports to UK flights, but from what I read this morning, he's more obsessed with having an airport renamed after himself.


@14 Trump should've immediately banned all international flights. So of course that leaves Governors like Inslee to be the bad guys and get called fascists by the dipshit brigade for trying to do what he can.

And it's likely too late now. Literally 24/48 hours make all the difference and people have probably already been spreading the new strain into the US.

Like I said we better hope the vaccine works on this new strain. Or we're fucked.


Looks like Governor Islee announced a TWO WEEK 14-DAY LOCKDOWN for all UK arrivals in our State.

Just like Canada is doing.



Brits aren’t streaming to Seattle right now. In part because the most recent flight was cancelled. Bet the rest will be as well. There is more of a danger from people flying in fro FL, TX, CA or most any other state or your mouth breathers in Kent and Federal Way. Really, Brits aren’t flocking to Seattle right now. If they really wanted to come it’s enough to get there without flying non stop from London.


I suggest being calm.


Wow. I'm glad I'm not planning on traveling anywhere via:
a.) commercial jet (especially a Boeing 737 MAX!)
b. ) driving my car any particular distance (especially during inclement weather months)
c.) Washington State Ferry (routes to and from the San Juan Islands are back to essential travel only)
d. ) Amtrak passenger train (are they even running anymore?), or
e. ) Greyhound bus (with only one toilet in the back of the bus--and it's usually out of order, anyway.).

Last year, my relatives would have called me antisocial for willfully hibernating, wearing a mask and social distancing. Who knew we'd all be in the midst of the worst global pandemic in over 100 years now?


@16 Will in Seattle: Go, thrice legitimately elected Washington Governor, Jay Inslee, GO!!!!



hell he'll be Lucky if we named some Dump after him:
the trumpf dumpf: don't forget to Flush
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Who said they had to be direct?