Food & Drink Dec 21, 2020 at 2:30 pm

A toast to all the bread we baked this year.



jesus she's got a Bread Knife in one hand and a Wiry 27-pounder on her back? never understood those repubs... Darwin's faves, no doubt.

bread looked nummy
but mummy's a Dummy.


@1: Projecting again? She looks like a progressive to me. Just look at her jeans. Republican women don't dress like that.


she dresses like you
that's how I could tell


It's a stock image and a prop knife, guys!


well that stock photographer
needs a sock upside de head;
kids, knives and Gymnastics do
NOT go hand-in-hand. Unless: Circus*

it's Coming to Town?

*Bread AND Circuses? excellent!
say, Where's my Stimulus?!


What--a bread article without any recipes? Really?

On another note, I taught a bunch of people to bake during this pandemic, over Zoom and equivalent.

As for me, I had several pounds of instant yeast and over fifty pounds of flour on hand when the first shutdown hit, so I've done just fine this year. I did have to buy more flour recently.

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