Americans just want to have fun!
Americans just want to have fun! grahamheywood/

She is 18. She is from Georgia. Her name is Skylar Mack. On November 27, Mack flew to the Cayman Islands (during a pandemic) to watch her boyfriend participate in a jet-ski competition (during a pandemic). But as soon as she arrived, she was met with a huge problem. The jet-ski race was scheduled to happen while she was still under the two-week quarantine required by the law of the islands. What did Mack do? She decided watching the race (during a major pandemic) was more important than the health of the island's people. She removed a government tracking device, left her hotel, and watched the race with other jet-ski fans. Her boyfriend won the race.

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But she was caught breaking the law. And this should not have surprised Mack in the least bit because the government gave her a fucking tracking device. That alone should have told the Georgian (during a moment of self-reflection that required very little mental effort) she's no longer in Kansas. These people mean business.

The American was arrested and put behind bars. (And so was her jet-ski boyfriend—he was "stripped of his competition's prize money and reward" for aiding and abetting the suspect.) The punishment for breaking the quarantine is four months of your time. Her American family begged and begged the authorities to be kind to her and forgive her for what was obviously a bad decision but, after all, was done in the name of fun. Watching a jet-ski race is not really a crime. The court at first seemed determined to make Mack pay the full price for her dangerous disobedience. But in the end, it caved and sentenced Mack to only two months in prison.

Between 2000 and 3000 people are dying every day in the US from a virus that is in fact controllable. Why? Because there's a total lack of seriousness about the pandemic. Even Jay Inslee, one of the bluest governors in the union, is incapable of doing what really needs to be done to check the third and most-terrific surge of the pandemic. How did he deal with flights from London and other places hit hard by a new and more infectious strain of the virus? He issued a flaccid "14-day quarantine requirement for anyone returning to Washington state after visiting the United Kingdom, South Africa and other countries where a new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, 501Y.V, has been circulating."

And dig this:

An individual is permitted to leave quarantine to perform certain essential activities (for example, seek medical treatment), provided that they avoid public transportation and ride-share services, wear a facial covering, separate themselves from other people to the greatest extent reasonably possible, and follow other appropriate social distancing measures. All individuals who are impacted by this order are strongly encouraged to be tested within seven days of returning to Washington.

What you will not find in this proclamation are the teeth in Cayman Island's quarantine law. What we now have in Washington is the kind of quarantine measure that a Georgia teen can expect to break with no fear whatsoever.