Capitol Hills celebrated Middle Eastern restaurant Mamnoon will have a takeout Valentines Day dinner with options for wine pairings.
Capitol Hill's celebrated Middle Eastern restaurant Mamnoon will have a takeout Valentine's Day dinner with options for wine pairings. Mamnoon

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Valentine's Day 2021 is soon approaching, and it seems safe to say the holiday won't be characterized by the usual frenzy for intimate candlelit dinners inside fancy restaurants. Still, lots of local businesses and restaurants have come up with alternative ways to make the day special, from packages from Addo and Frelard Tamales to limited outdoor dining at places like Maximilien and Meesha. We've gathered this list of options so you can start mulling over your plans well in advance, and we'll update it as we hear of more offerings. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.

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You can always count on Eric Rivera's experimental pop-up Addo to have a menu for every occasion, and Valentine's Day is no exception: The eclectic Ballard restaurant will have a six-course home tasting menu for Valentine's Day featuring scallops with black truffle sauce, half a roasted cauliflower with curry spices, Delmonico steak with crab béarnaise sauce, miso butter-poached lobster tails, a "big-ass salad" with vinaigrette, and a "box 'o desserts." If you're flying solo this year, treat yourself to the "Living Single" menu, which features scallop mousse with adobo plantain chips, saffron bean salad, duck lasagna, dark chocolate ice cream with a side of smoked sea salt, and a trio of macarons—no sharing required.
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