Youll have to watch HUMP 2021 to find out what this bratty boyslut is getting served. But you can catch some of our HUMP creators year-round on other platforms.
You'll have to watch HUMP 2021 to find out where that corn is going, but you can catch some of our HUMP creators year-round on other platforms. "Pops' Corn"

The third big weekend of the 2021 HUMP Film Fest is officially underway. We've got a great new lineup of fun and hot and moving HUMP films, all made during the quarantine, all streaming online.

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.

After fifteen years of bringing HUMP to movie theaters—after fifteen years of making it possible for people to be porn stars for a weekend in a movie theater without becoming porn stars on the Internet for life, after fifteen years of getting people together in theaters to watch porn the way their grandparents did—we faced a tough choice after the pandemic hit early last year. We obviously couldn't pack people into theaters. That meant we could either cancel HUMP or make HUMP available—for the first time—on the dreaded Internet.

We reached out to the filmmakers and performers and asked them what they wanted to do. They'd made their films to be shown in theaters, not streamed on the Internet, and we were willing to cancel the festival. But the filmmakers wanted their films to be seen! So thanks to them—thanks to HUMP filmmakers and performers—the show went on and HUMP fans were able to enjoy HUMP 2020 in the comfort and safety of their own homes!

While we look forward to being in theaters again with you soon, HUMP 2021 is following in 2020's filthy footsteps and is available for you to watch at home this weekend.

To share the love with our filmmakers—in addition to sharing the ticket revenue—we've reached out to this year's HUMP creators and asked them if they wanted to promote any other platforms where they spread their smut, and they did! Here's a list of some of our favorite creators and where you can find them. For a full list of HUMP 2021's films, head on over to HUMP's website.

HUMP 2021's "Pops' Corn" + "Mes Chéris" from Cutenon Films


In this year's 2021 festival, you can find Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell's work in "Pops' Corn" and "Mes Chéris." In "Pops' Corn," a bratty boyslut won't stop fussin' 'til his daddies serve a spitroast unlike any other. And the part documentary, part pornography "Mes Chéris" features a transboi’s farewell to his boobs. One month before his mastectomy, Jamal Phoenix takes on the role of Chéri, a character modeled after his experiences as a Fierce Fem sex worker.

Ethan and Ty have appeared in HUMPs of yore, including: "Breakfast in Bed" (HUMP 2017 tour), "The Pizza Topping" (HUMP 2020 tour), and "Brunch on Bikes" (HUMP 2020 tour). They make "smut, most of which can be found at the intersection of funny food and fucking," with their production house Cutenon Films. You can enjoy their entire menu of New Queer Cuisine on demand at PinkLabel.Tv. Follow them on Instagram for recipes and cooking tips. Jamal Phoenix, the writer and star of "Mes Chéris," can be found online here.

HUMP 2021's "Sex Time with Monsterbait" from Monsterbait


If you ever wanted to know what sex was like after a wild transformation, or an encounter with a monster—you can find out as orcs, werewolves, and more come to life in the films of Monsterbait, which feature hardcore gay monster sex, nerd porn, and pet play. They share their films and artwork on OnlyFans—follow them here! It's heavily themed around masks and monster porn. Think "World of Warcraft" but in the bedroom!

HUMP 2021's "Baiser" from Mark Reynolds


"Baiser (Kiss)" is a bizarre bit of animated squishiness. We make no apologies for your arousal. It comes from Mark Reynolds, a New York City-based animator/VFX artist. "My own personal squishiness being not too in-demand, I lack anything along the lines of an OnlyFans page," Reynolds told us. "However, more of my animated squishiness can be seen at I also do things that aren't squishy, from time to time. In fact, before having a piece as part of a porn film festival I actually had not used the word squishy a whole lot in my life." You can follow Mark on Instagram here.

HUMP 2021's "Doggone Dystopia" from Brodin Petrichor


In "Doggone Dystopia," a lonely creature, shunned by a dystopian society, searches for safety. A genuine connection awaits. It comes to HUMP from Brodin Petrichor, who makes "spooky silly sexy scandalous short films. Also dance." You can catch Brodin on Instagram and Vimeo. "My portfolio is pretty unfocused, but hey, I love filming what people love doing," Brodin tells us. Also: "SUPPORT SEX WORKERS!!!"

HUMP 2021's "Avery Jane" + "Menage a Trois" from ForPlay Films


"Avery Jane" is the story of an encounter between a sex worker and their client showing a few simple things a client can do to make a sex worker feel comfortable. The other film follows Kira as she is joined by Demi and Rob in a dream for a sensual and passionate "Menage a Trois." The two films come from popular HUMP creator ForPlay Films, which sent us this bio:

ForPlay Films is an independent, all-woman production company creating erotica by women, for women (inclusive of cis, trans, genderqueer). We specialize in creating erotic short films that titillate the senses through sexual chemistry, consent, autonomy, and the feminist gaze.

At ForPlay Films, our social activism is rooted in changing existing repressive social norms that cause harm to individuals and subsequently society at large. We believe that porn heavily influences, amongst other things, perspectives on sexuality, gender norms and women. With our erotic films, we want to change these perspectives to be more feminist in order to create a more consensual and sexually liberated world.

Our films are richly cinematic, with lighting, locations, wardrobe and music all meticulously crafted to immerse the viewer in sensuality. When planning our films, ForPlay Film’s founder Inka Winter includes the talents fantasies, desires and sexual interests.

Believing that education is central to sexual empowerment, we also produce Sexucation, a YouTube series of short videos that use humor to educate women and men alike on cunnlingus, communication, polyamory, birth control and all things sex.

Check out their work here!

HUMP 2021's "Stephen & James - Best Girlfriends" from Dave Quantic


"Stephen & James - Best Girlfriends" is a love-letter to a New York City in the not-too-distant past where the only apps were served before dinner and the thrill of gay sex was always just around the corner or on a pier or in a back room or even Hoboken, New Jersey.

The short comes from Dave Quantic, the creator/producer of Fruitbowl: An Oral History of Queer Sex, an upcoming feature documentary. He's producing podcast episodes and short films as he gathers interviews for the feature. You may recognize his work from Porn Yesterday, which won the HUMP Jury Award in 2018. You can check out the full collection of FRUITBOWL podcast episodes and short films on his website.

Some clips!

HUMP 2021's "Cock Monkey" from Fritz Masten


A Cock... a Monkey... Whadayagonnadoo? "Cock Monkey" comes from Fritz Masten, who makes "all animations, not family friendly, not every everyone's cup-o-tea." You can find other works here.

HUMP 2021's "Pup Play" from Rose Wilde


In "Pup Play," a hearing girl and their beloved Deaf pup have an ecstatic afternoon of training and play. Affection transforms into primal desire and lines between fantasy and reality are blurred. It comes from Rose Wilde of "We're a female led erotic film house," says Rose. "We celebrate sexual pleasure, enthusiastic consent, and transparent communication. The ethical treatment and sensual liberation of all bodies is at the very heart of what we do."

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HUMP 2021's "Spanko" from Melanie Zoey Weinstein

"Spanko" is a short film about a teacher who explores her taboo fetish for the first time. It's currently being made into a feature, but you can catch the short at this year's HUMP. You can learn more about filmmaker Melanie Zoey Weinstein by following her Vimeo and Instagram. Follow the Spanko film for "access to the trailer, tips for attending your first fetish party, safety tips for meeting up with internet strangers to do kinky things, and updates on all things Spanko," says Weinstein.

HUMP 2021's "Lip Service" from Afterglow


Soft. Sensual. In "Lip Service," this woman has no trouble telling her man just how to do it. HUMP 2021's "Lip Service" comes from afterglow, which is dedicated to "merging porn + sexual wellness." You can get "steamy videos to explore plus exercises, articles and other erotica to help you dive deep and foster intimacy…with yourself or partner" from afterglow, located on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

Throwback: HUMP 2019's "Tell Me What You Like" from Reflective Desire


In "Tell Me What You Like," one woman’s answer to that inquiry leads to an extreme kink scene. It won the award for Best Kink at HUMP that year and comes from Reflective Desire, a "well-lit place for latex, bondage, and sadomasochism." You can catch the co-star Cam Damage, a cryptid cowboy and agony enthusiast, over on OnlyFans.