Oozy, cheesy, crispy quesabirria tacos, like the ones served at Birrieria Tijuana, are all the rage.
Oozy, cheesy, crispy quesabirria tacos, like the ones served at Birrieria Tijuana, are all the rage. Nelson Lau

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Birria is having a major moment in the spotlight right now: The spicy stewed Mexican meat dish, often made with goat or beef and frequently served in tacos, has gotten a boost thanks in part to Instagram, a starring role in an episode of Netflix's irresistible food documentary series Taco Chronicles, and most recently, TikTok. Food writer Tejal Rao even recently investigated the so-called "Birria Boom" phenomenon for the New York Times. It's not difficult to understand why the trend has caught on: The succulent meat lends itself well to a myriad of photogenic permutations, from the in-demand "quesabirria" tacos (a kind of crispy quesadilla-taco hybrid with birria and melty cheese) to more unusual creations like birria ramen, birria pizza, birria fries, and more. We've rounded up a list of places serving the popular dish in the Seattle area, so you can go see what the hype is about for yourself. Whatever you do, don't forget a cup of the salty consommé broth for dunking your tacos, French dip-style. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.

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Birrieria Tijuana
This wildly popular family-owned birria spot with locations in Everett, Lakewood, and Burien is largely responsible for kicking off the birria craze in the Seattle area. The menu includes oozy, crunchy queso tacos, quesabirria, mulitas, tacos dorados (small rolled tacos), "vampiros" (open-faced tacos with a layer of melted cheese and a stratum of shredded beef atop a fried tortilla), birria plates, and even birria ramen and pizza. Be sure to add a cup of consommé and some chopped cilantro, onions, radishes, lime, and pickled vegetables. The nectar-like aguas frescas, made with actual fresh fruit in flavors like tamarind and melon, are worthy of note all on their own. 
Burien, Everett, Lakewood
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor and outdoor seating

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