"I don’t think a gun-and-badge response to what is fundamentally a homelessness crisis, or a mental health crisis, or an economic crisis is the right response. A police officer showing up isn’t going to cure food instability"

Neither is gaslighting, Brianna.


She has my full support.



How the fuck to you get that she's "gaslighting" out of that statement?


To be clear this person has no connection to Nikkita Oliver correct? You just needed to throw her name in there? No grievance based uber woke dividing and subdividing racial grievance grifters please.


'...the “Yes for SeaTac" campaign, which paved the way for us to get the $15 per hour minimum wage.'

It's good to see The Stranger reference the actual history of our $15/hour minimum wage, instead of listing it as one of CM Sawant's few accomplishments. Better yet, this gives us a candidate who actually knows how to mobilize popular support behind good ideas.

"I don’t think a gun-and-badge response to what is fundamentally a homelessness crisis, or a mental health crisis, or an economic crisis is the right response."

We had a non-gun-and-badge response to our homelessness crisis. It was called the Navigation Team, and our current City Council chose to eliminate it, after loudly rejecting all attempted dialog on the topic. Is this statement a recognition they made a mistake in so doing? Because that would be a welcome admission.

'With Councilmember Kshama Sawant, she could see some shared policy interests around "small business supports."'

Look, I understand it's smart to appear reasonable, and small businesses create good jobs, but expanding the petite-bourgeoise is not a program CM Sawant will support, full stop.


@3 "food instability" is a bullshit excuse for non-prosecution and a way for her to make it look like all the cops do is pick on starving folks. Nobody around here needs to defraud grocers and drive-up food prices for everyone just because they are broke. There are countless ways to obtain free food in this city and county. I volunteer to pack food boxes and have worked many hours in the city's s urban farms providing free produce and know there is a substantial network of organizations feeding the people.


On the "education not enforcement" issue around labor standards, I kinda suspect that the reason some employers are stiffing their employees is less that they do not know they should pay them, and more that they are assholes.


Government doesn't need more employees. Government needs the employees it already has to work more efficiently.


@1 Its funny the altright just figured out what "gaslighting" is, years after they'd been trying it to dismiss the concerns of black, native, latino and lgbtq residents. It's like when they figured out what "identity politics" 5 years after everyone had let the alarm out they'd been rocking white identity politics as a cure all defense and attack for any subject effecting black and brown people.

I'm still waiting for you fashies to come up with a spin on your fashie boys.


@11 agreed, we need far less of these racist thugs in police uniforms. I would wonder if anyone who generally says "we need less government workers" would say that after a landslide blocks the road or traintracks or when the teachers of your pre-karen, loudmouthed, behaviorally disturbed kids.


"sets up the ol' conservative Democrat vs progressive Democrat contest we've come to know and loathe here in this jewel of capitalism."

That is a bold claim, with nothing in the rest of the article to actually back it up. So far as I know, there isn't a single policy disagreement between them. The article gives us a nice background (she actually has political experience) and a few nice platitudes ("I know folks get nervous about change, but this is a city. It’s going to grow. It's going to look different. That’s the nature of cities,") but are there really policy differences between the two main candidates?


Yeah, just like Amazon. They didn't get to be the biggest company in the world by hiring more employees ... oh wait, they did.

But that's not government. Government is different. If you are fighting a war, you don't want to have lots of soldiers, you just want them to be more efficient. Just like World War 2, when a handful of men defeated the Nazis. Oh way, that wasn't the case either.

Yeah, sorry, no organization, no matter how successful, has taken this approach. Of course they want to be efficient, but there is a limit to their efficiency. There are also economies of scale. Often an agency can become more efficient as they grow.


We need someone with some balls in the Mayor's office like Sawant, who will aggressively address the police brutality issue and help house the homeless folks. Brianna Thomas is a good second choice, although anyone is better than Mayor Durkan, who lead the city like Baby Godzilla --sort of boring and ineffectual.

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