Cops say theres some rumors of this shit going around.
Cops say there's some rumors of this shit going around. SAMUEL CORUM / GETTY

Cops Say They Found New "Possible Plot:" Capitol Police said they caught Three Percenters, an extremist right-wing group, exchanging "online chatter" about a plot to "breach the U.S. Capitol" tomorrow. "The threat appears to be connected to a far-right conspiracy theory, mainly promoted by supporters of QAnon, that Trump will rise again to power on March 4," writes the Associated Press.


Washington Three Percenters Say It Wasn't Them: In an email, Matt Marshall, the founder of Washington's Three Percenters, said, "We have not heard of this plot. Typically, when these crazy claims are made, we have heard them before. This one is new." They blame QAnon for spreading "this baseless claim about three percenters. [sic]"

Antifa or Not Antifa? So, there is a special election going on in Iowa, a state whose name means "no" in the Southern African language of Shona. Guess what popped up at a polling place in this state? Yes, a "live pipe bomb." Now, can you put on your thinking cap and guess who might be behind this bomb? Antifa? Or the kind of middle-class men and women who stormed the Capitol Building on January 6 in the raw-dog effort to establish a dictatorship in the US? And, yes, we will never forget January 6.

Let's Hear West Precinct Playing the Violin: "Seattle police removed the protective barriers around the West Precinct Tuesday afternoon and were targeted by protesters just hours later." What kind of woe will the East Precinct play when its borders are removed?

Hugo House Has Named its Acting Interim Executive Director: Rob Arnold. He will pick up where Tree Swenson left off. The latter resigned two weeks ago after, to use the words of Rich Smith, a "group of writers of color led a campaign to transform the Hugo House into an antiracist institution." According to Capital Hill Seattle Blog, Arnold, who "served as Hugo House’s events curator and program director" has a reputation for featuring BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) in Hugo House events.

Speaking of Rich, He Will Now Interrupt My Writing for a Brief Report on the Capital Gains Tax: Thanks, Mudede. Last night PubliCola reported on a letter the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), a lobby for startups, wrote to state Senators, asking them to oppose a small excise tax on profits from stocks and bonds sales over $250,000. After reviewing some public records, the news site noted that nearly half of the letters signatories scooped up PPP loans, some in the millions of dollars. So tax-payer dollars are good enough to keep their necessary and vital cloud security consulting firms or whatever alive, but families who need money to pay for sky-high childcare can fuck right off. Nice one!

At Least One WTIA Member Dissented: Over the phone, a WTIA member who participated in the association's founder cohort program told me they would be "proud pay that tax." (The source requested anonymity for fear of retaliation.) This person urged WTIA to support the tax in order to create a better ecosystem for startups to flourish. "Of all groups, WTIA should know that growth requires investment. We have the University of Washington Computer Science Department, but we need three more of those if we want to compete in the world stage and win," the source said. (The revenue from the capital gains tax would funnel into the state's Education Legacy Trust Account, which would provide more funding for programs that grow that talent here in Washington.) "It's not a zero-sum game like the letter paints it," the source continued. "Attracting and growing more talent in the region is really the number-one factor in a good startup community. The more investment in the startup community, the more winners and the bigger the wins."

Remember Sir Mix-A-Lot's "My Hooptie"? Remember that line: "[White] cop took my wallet, looked at my license [and] to his partner said 'Damn, they all look like Tyson'"? Well, the BBC did something like this with US Senator Cory Booker:

The BBC has issued a correction and apology on its website for airing an interview with a man who claimed to be the US senator Cory Booker but was actually someone impersonating the Democratic politician from New Jersey.

The UK’s public broadcasting service said that the interview appeared “to be a deliberate hoax” and that it had reached out with an apology to Booker and “are looking into what went wrong to make sure it doesn’t happen again”

As For the Rapper Jeru the Damaja: "Rock the [paunch] like Fidel Castro."

Trumpy King County Sheriff Captain Suffers Wrist Slap: The cop promoted offensive stuff about black teens on Facebook, and all he lost was a day's worth of work. That's it, folks. And this is happening in a county that will soon be majority-minority! The Seattle Times has the story:

Miller was found to have engaged in “conduct unbecoming” of the Sheriff’s Office when he reposted a news article and photo of a group of Black teens beating and stealing the sneakers off a 15-year-old girl on a Brooklyn sidewalk last March on his Facebook page April 21, with the comment: “Animals. This is what the inner city gives us these days.”

This is your America.

What the Duke and (and the Black American) Duchess Bring With Them to the States: By the look of things, the whole bloody awful racket called the British press. CNN reports that Buckingham Palace will "investigate allegations that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, bullied several staff members after a British media report cited unnamed royal aides saying a complaint had been made against her in 2018." This story would never have crossed the pond if the royal couple were still in that "sceptred isle," that "stone set in a silver sea," that "teeming womb of royal kings."

Endless American Misery: And now we have to deal with spring breakers super-spreading the COVID-19 in a week or so. The pandemic is not close to over. Texas has decided to just kill people rather than waiting to stay alive for three more months. Young Americans are tired of being robbed of the essentials of a college experience. Thanks to Texas and spring breakers, the pandemic, which could be under control by late April, is granted three more months to make life miserable for millions of Americans.

We Still Waiting for That Check, Joe: But, of course, Dems will always play the Hamlet of politics, even when they have control of, get this, three of the top four governing institutions of the United States. How do we do this, say the Dems? How much do we give and to who? But think of the moderates? Let's listen to them. And so on, and so on.

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Joe Biden Said Prioritize the Vaccination of Teachers Right Now: And our Gov wasted no time jumping to it right now. As of today, Washington's "educators and licensed childcare workers can immediately start scheduling appointments."

We Have Reached that Time of the Day When We Need to Ask: What should the song of the day be? Any ideas? I myself was thinking "Blue Skies" by Ella Fitzgerald. That makes some sense for Seattle. We saw lots of blue skies over us today. But what is this? The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, wants nothing to do with that old hat of a jazz standard. Also, he doesn't give a fuck about Seattle and how it's going. So, what is his song of the day? It's a Tom Petty tune, of course. And if you are not feeling it, then you are not feeling him.