A still from Ménage À Trois
A still from Ménage À Trois

We (all) did it! Despite a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that threatened to squish the "sexy" out of all our lives, you were bound and determined to film a delightfully dirty five-minute movie for the HUMP! film festival, and we were bound and determined to bypass the theaters this year and for the first time show HUMP! in all its horny glory in an online livestream format. And goddammit... IT WORKED! Not only did we all rise above the pandemic challenge, but I'd wager that the lineup for the 2021 HUMP! film fest was one of the best ones EVER.

And apparently, you agreed! More people than ever watched HUMP! this year, and you voted in droves for your favorite HUMP! 2021 films. And with that... drumroll please... JK drumrolls are dumb.... here are the winners of the BEST FILMS OF HUMP! 2021 as chosen by YOU, the sexy as hell HUMP! viewers!

BEST SEX: Ménage À Trois
In her dream Kira is joined by Demi and Rob for a sensual and passionate ménage à trois.


The one with the "tongue." (Say no more!)

BEST HUMOR: Final eXXXams: A Quarantine Love Story
Will a college student's porn addiction foil his studies or unlock his vivid imagination for leather daddies and love?


BEST IN SHOW: Mes Chéris
Part documentary, part pornography, Mes Chéris is a transboi’s farewell to his boobs.


CONGRATS TO ALL OF OUR WINNERS and the rest of our fantastic filmmakers and performers! And congrats to YOU for promoting positive sexuality by watching HUMP! 2021! Now that you're inspired, want to submit a film for next year? GET ALL THE INFO HERE!

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