Seattles Black Imagination is blowing up!
Seattle's Black Imagination is blowing up! Courtesy Natasha Marin

What kind of time is not being wasted? The time it takes for Q13's Brandi Kruse to point out the direction from which people with good "common sense" should attack Nikkita Oliver, who today announced their run for a citywide Seattle City Council seat that will be left empty by Council President Lorena Gonzalez’s departure.


And where does Kruse want Seattle conservatives to aim their attacks in this battle? On Oliver's “extreme” position on police funding. Can you even imagine a society without police officers? That's just plain nuts. Cuckoo. Seattle progressives have lost contact with reality. That kind of rubbish. And it is total rubbish to me, a lefty who sees deep defunding as the second-best option to the present crisis of American policing—at the top of my list is deep decriminalizing. But don't get me wrong. Oliver is, in essence, right. We live in a society that has more than enough wealth to render meaningless both policing and the mutterings of Kruse, who, at this point, injects more poison into the public discourse of local politics than even Jason Rantz.

Dick's Drive-In being a bit of a COVID dick? According to five of its employees, this is indeed the case. They even "filed formal complaints with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I)." The company, the employees allege, is not following the rules that keep people healthy and alive during a pandemic that’s far from over. Bethany Jean Clement, the Seattle Times food writer, has the whole sordid Trumpy burger story.

Chicago got Boeing. Now it looks like it will get Russell Wilson, a quarterback that helped make the Seahawks an A- team. The Chicago Bears let the world know that it would do anything for Wilson. Just name it.

The Bears Wire:

The Bears aren’t trying to hide the fact that they’re willing to go all-in to land what would be the team’s best quarterback in franchise history in Seattle’s Russell Wilson.

Now, obviously this means nothing if the Seahawks aren’t going to trade him. Although, they have been fielding calls for Wilson, which indicates they’re open to the idea…for the right price.

Sonics fans will certainly hear in that last word an echo of Howard Schultz. Indeed, when Russell goes, yet another Seattle professional sports team will enter the wilderness.

A book, Black Imagination: Black Voices on Black Futures, curated by Seattle's Natasha Marin, will be narrated by the "Tony and Grammy Award winner Daveed Diggs and Emmy Award winner Lena Waithe." Rich Smith reviewed the book, which Hollywood Reporter describes as being "comprised of short stories, testimonies and poetry from over 36 individuals across the Black community," a year ago. If you do not know who Daveed Diggs and Lena Waithe are, you can go fuck off.

Biden is actually very popular. And this popularity will only increase with that government cheese finally coming our way. (According to CNN, the bill has "61% support" from Americans.) In just fifty days, Biden, thanks to work in Georgia (please plan to visit that state when the pandemic is under control), has "a sweeping $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package" attached to his presidency. As with the Senate, the House of Representatives’ vote on the bill received not even one yea from the GOP. Apparently, members of the other party are too busy worrying about being labeled a RINO by their never-popular lord and master.

Disorienting indeed:

And what does the GOP have to say about this COVID bill? You guessed it: Those Dems are spending and spending and spending. Deficits. Deficits. Deficits. That darn song. So old. So false. So over it.

And how did Wall Street handle the news of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill? Of course, the "Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a record high Wednesday." Wall Street is awful but not that dumb. Keynesian fiscal spending may not be on its political lips, but it’s certainly in the wallet of its profit-insatiable mind. The Dow rose 1.46% to close at 32,297.02 points.

The Queen of England? No longer the Queen of Barbados, an island of brothers and sisters. I wonder why they suddenly had enough of her royal stuff?

Big tings a gwaan in PacMed Tower's parking lot. Or might gwaan. The plan is that "two seven-story [mixed-income] apartment buildings" join the iconic, art deco building that was once Amazon's headquarters.

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What the police found in a Pasco kid's bedroom: A whole 400-pound playground slide that was one day there in a Pasco playground and the next day not there. These strange days happened in December, 2020. How was this massive thing even stolen? But before trying to fit that idea in our mind, we must stress that the kid's family is in desperate need of a good dose of what is called in polite circles public spirit.

The story on KOMO:

On February 26, detectives came face-to-face with a 400-pound playground slide inside a kid’s bedroom in a mobile home in Burbank. Pasco police say they made the discovery while investigating recent catalytic converter thefts, where thieves cut up your car’s exhaust system just so that they can sell your cat converter to a scrap metal dealer for the value of the heavy metals inside it.