Why are police?
Why are police? MivPiv / Getty Images

Police rampage in South London. Mourners crowded into Clapham Common in South London to pay tribute to Sarah Everard, who disappeared several days ago. Her body was found in a wooded location, and she's suspected to have been killed by a police officer. Police attempted to prevent the memorial from going forward, but when mourners showed up anyway, the cops rioted. Kate Middleton was among those present.


Here comes your stimulus check. It’s not big enough, it’s not going to enough people, and we should have been getting one every month for the last year, but oh well. Your $1,400 check should be dropping into your bank account or showing up in the mail sometime soon. The online “Get my Payment” tool, which you can use to check the progress of your payment, is expected to start working today, which, haha, I’ll believe it when I see it. (When I tried using it, I got an “Access Denied” server error.)

Hundreds protest anti-Asian hate crimes. A large crowd gathered in the ID to protest recent violence against Asians — including incidents here in Seattle. King County Executive Dow Constantine was there, and pledged to devote “substantial funding” to address bias crimes. A new report indicates that hate crimes targeting Asian Americans surged 150 percent in 2020.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is lying again. Can you believe it? This time she’s claiming that a background check bill would create a gun registry, despite the bill literally saying right in the text that it would not create a gun registry. Why on Earth would she lie about such a thing? Anyway, last month she raised $325,000 in two days after she was removed from her committees.

It’s been one year since cops killed Breonna Taylor. At a memorial march through Seattle this weekend, police showed up to arrest just over a dozen protestors. Cops say someone threw a rock at them. Oh, and were the police wearing masks? Hahaha what an adorable question.

Washington’s official dinosaur is dead, again. Folks, I hate to break it to you, but the proposed bill designating the Suciasaurus rex as the official dinosaur of Washington state seems to have gone the way of … I don’t know, something that isn’t alive anymore. It failed to get a floor vote, there’s no fiscal note attached to it, and nobody with sufficient power and money is pushing hard enough to get it back on the legislature’s radar. See you in 2022, Suciasaurus. You’ve been waiting 12 million years to be recognized, what’s one more?

Remember that recording of Trump telling Georgia officials to find evidence of fraud? Apparently an earlier recording was lost for a while, but eventually turned up in the Secretary of State’s trash can. Trump had called an investigator named Frances Wason to demand that she help overturn the election results; Watson says she recorded it for “posterity,” which totally explains why she then moved the audio to the trash.

The Vatican says the Catholic Church cannot bless same-sex unions. Another hit from the "cool" pope. Homosexuality is a "choice" and a "sin," Church leaders say. Not like this is anything new, but I guess it's good to confirm they're still not on our side.

Marvel is churning out more copies of WandaVision comics. Issues of various runs that touched on Wanda, Vision, and Agnes’ storylines sold out as soon as the miniseries debuted, so now Marvel is printing more copies. (You can also read them online, but that’s not being very neighborly to your local comic shop.) Check out the week’s top comic releases (superhero and otherwise) right over here.

Wesley Snipes almost played Geordi on Star Trek: The Next Generation. That’s according to a new interview with Collider, and I cannot wrap my head around how different the show would have been if Snipes, instead of LeVar Burton, had been the one being constantly asked how long until repairs will be done. Also, totally unrelated, but Jean Stapleton was nearly cast as the star of Murder, She Wrote.

You know what Windows needs? More clutter. Microsoft is going to add a new feature to your taskbar, filling it with random news and weather information — an excellent way to distract yourself from actually getting anything done. The new feature will also be a memory hog, which, of course it will. Oh, and also trying to print could crash your PC.

I guess we’re doing Spring Break. Sea-Tac officials say that big travel crowds could be coming in the next few weeks, with people celebrating Spring Break. Can we just, you guys, can we just wait a little longer for the vaccine to get fully distributed? Cases are starting to go up again in Europe. Meanwhile, the University of California is giving students $75 to stay put. You know, the kind of thing the federal government should have started doing on a massive scale a year ago.

There’s a fun new clip from Marvel’s upcoming show about bickering exes. The Falcon and Winter Soldier debuts this Friday (really Thursday at midnight) on Disney+, and features Captain America’s ex-lovers teaming up to … I don’t know, stare smolderingly at stuff. A new clip shows them arguing about the difference between wizards and sorcerers, though I’m a bit chagrined to see that neither one knows that the difference is that wizards use intelligence and sorcerers use charisma as their spellcasting modifiers.

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One hundred years ago today the Seattle Star reported on "The Great Sea Horror." I won't spoil the ending of this ripping yarn, but it's a good one. Who do I talk to about getting one of those police passes?

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