It's finally fucking here, everybody! No, not spring, but this year's SPLIFF—the weed-tastic short film festival that celebrates our favorite little green plant. The fest kicked off last weekend and runs through this Saturday, April 24. It features shorts (all under 4 minutes and 20 seconds *wink*) that explore the healing, psychedelic, stressful, spiritual, sexual, and fun aspects of cannabis. This year, there's stop-motion animation, light horror, memoir, narrative shorts, and bouncing boobies galore.

Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer: Jan 13-Feb 14 at Bagley Wright Theatre
Part theater, part revival, and all power, this one-woman show will have your head nodding and hands clapping!

Tickets are $20 and you have to be 21+ to watch. I recommend partaking in a little cannabis for the occasion (if that's your jam)—like a nice, warm, cerebral kind of high. And while we can't physically watch these films together, that doesn't mean you have to sit in front of your screen alone.

We have two more great viewing options that include a Viewing Party Smoke Out session where drag queens and pot-smokin' reporters will guide you and a live audience on your stoned journey. Get 'em while they're still hot. Here are our next dates:

  • Tuesday, April 20: SPLIFF plus a Viewing Party Smoke Out - Hosted by drag queens Betty Wetter & Cookie Couture!
  • Friday, April 23: SPLIFF Film Festival! (Just the films—straight, no chaser.)
  • Saturday, April 24: Closing night of SPLIFF plus a Viewing Party Smoke Out - Hosted by MEEEEE and Stranger editor Chase Burns (this will be fun!!!!)

  • Here are all the weird, wild, and hilarious films that made the cut for SPLIFF 2021:

    2021 Films

    Doobie Run
    Grab your joystick and hit start, because it’s time to play Doobie Run: the video game made for stoners by stoners.

    Wet Mouth
    It’s closing time at the dispensary and this budtender is tasked with sampling a new strain that prevents dry mouth. What could go wrong?

    Pussy Kush: A Heaux Story
    After yet another failed date, one woman heads home to count her losses and spark up. But, that doesn’t mean she still can’t find a bit of stoner romance before the night ends.

    Big Crunch
    This kaleidoscope of color is a completely spontaneous, freely associative visual mindfuck. Buckle up for a wild ride!

    Pot Hole
    It’s easy to free fall down this pot hole once you meet the red-eyed caterpillar, but best be wise to wonder who you’ll meet next.

    With the pandemic bringing the globe to a halt, the world went into complete lockdown. Let this hip-hop artist show you how to escape your quarantine troubles with some marijuana and bit of imagination.

    Bong Memories
    Step into the colorful world of Oscar, whose 50+ years of pot smoking directly influence his instructive and delightful doodles. Listen to your wise ganja elders!

    High Tea
    We’ve all smoked out of an apple in the past, but did you ever wonder what else you could smoke out of? Then join these fine dandies for high tea and find out!

    Quick & Easy Pancake Recipe
    This seemingly fool-proof recipe goes by fast. Make sure you don’t take your eyes away – even for one second!

    Happy Soup
    Readily available online, this intoxicating product may look familiar, but beware: you may find yourself across multiple dimensions after having Happy Soup for dinner.

    Space Weed
    If a mysterious, glowing mass of cannabis fell out of the cosmos right in front of you, would you smoke it? These guys did.

    Supreme Claws of Justice
    Recently our federal government often felt like a reality tv show, perhaps making this mind shredding satire—replete with hallucinatory slime cam shots—a little less shocking.

    Strip Buds
    The club gets hot when these flower buds let it all hang out on the pole. Get your singles out for this stop-motion cannabis cabaret!

    Up So High
    As the munchies set in for our protagonist, a frenzy of voices starts to demand nacho cheesy sustenance. But it’s up so high! Will he succeed?

    The Dip
    The city below erupts into chaos when this technicolor glamour diva jumps off the tallest building, but little do the people know how they’re about to attend the fiercest function in town.

    Just Say Know Nancy
    The war on drugs is losing and everybody can see it. It’s time someone let old Nancy Reagan in the know.

    Ghost Smokers
    When a local dispensary reports recent paranormal activity in the store, it’s time to call in this hilarious crack-pot team to get to the bottom of things.

    “That’s a kill box. You don’t want to get caught with one of those. That’s somebody else’s. And they want it back.”

    Frutos Rojos
    An interdimensional strawberry-dog picks up a mysterious hitchhiker for what will be the trip of their lives in this psychedelic music video.

    Couch Potato
    Couch-locked again? Be careful not to leave your snacks unattended. You never know when they might seek revenge for the ones you’ve eaten.

    After the death of her mother, our main character decides to take a trip home to see her father, proving that sometimes a little bit of loud can help bring a little bit of peace.

    Commercial Bake
    Let this pun-tastic parody of nostalgic television take you to an alternate reality where it makes sense to ask yourself, “how does my weed get high?”

    Friendship Cake
    Sayuri & Gabby LaLa are back with what may be their most outrageous and architectural ASMR crafting build ever! Everything tastes better with friends!

    My Munchie Mountains
    Two mountains, multiple munchies—this is surely a titillating homage to all of our favorite junk foods.

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