just cain't Wait to get all
my Cameras and Microphones
'scuze me -- snoopy Listeners --
no -- Smart Speakers! that's it! -- installed
in each and Every Room in case I wanna* know
'how hot should the oil be in my Wok for frying' kinda shit.

'Privacy' is Extinct
and Deep Fake vids
are just right around the
corner. good luck and don't
forget to Pray for Big Business



I love how you civilians actually think we don't spy on you.

It's so cute :-)



better than our doktors
you know us -- why are
you not medding us why
must we do it on our Own?


@4 -- I hereby Demand 'doktor' Nelson
come here and tell us Hisself!
can he not Speak?
does he even


Remember, even the federal government human resources portal was hacked by naughty Chinese spies some years back. The best form of peace of mind and privacy protection is to avoid the internet and social media. Do not expect the reprobate humanity in the state legislature to do it for you. I had a much respected friend who was financially savvy but old school, and he didn't even use the online bill paying services the banks provide, preferring to carefully mail paper checks at the post office. If you do use Facebook, lock it down so no one but real friends can view you personal information. On LinkedIn, you have to carefully vet other users profiles if they choose to connect with you. Many of the users on LinkedIn are trolls who want to cross-reference your personal information with Facebook or Twitter so they can hack your bank account. It is difficult to imagine a world without internet interactivity, however that is what ii takes if you want to maintain your privacy. I had a colleague who toiled in the computer software industry for decades and he is very savvy--you cannot find any internet footprint on him because he knew full-well how invasive social media was. That's the sort of discipline required to not become a pawn of the corporate mass media. Also, beware of frenemies who want to friend you only to sift through your personal information and gossip about you at work or whatever. Don't post any boudoir photos of your fanny for example.


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