Dont ask me to explain, but he gives off Big Belltown Energy to me.
Don't ask me to explain, but he gives off Big Belltown Energy to me. Steven Ferdman/Getty
After inking an overall deal with HBO Max earlier this year, Steven Soderbergh is coming to town and he's bringing his latest movie, the Zoë Kravitz-starring KIMI, with him. Here's how Variety described the upcoming feature, penned by Jurassic Park, Misson: Impossible, and Panic Room writer David Koepp:

The film will center on an agoraphobic tech worker, played by Kravitz, who discovers recorded evidence of a violent crime during an ordinary data stream review and tries reporting it up the chain of command at her company. Met with resistance and bureaucracy, she realizes that in order to get involved, she will have to do the thing she fears the most — leave her apartment.

A casting call for Seattle extras for this film recently got noticed on Twitter and Safe Seattle (!!!), presumably because of its logline: "When the city council of Seattle passes a 'safe zone' law aimed at restricting the movements of the homeless population, local activists take to the streets in protest."

Ummm is Soderbergh outing himself as a close follower of Seattle city politics? You think he likes to peruse the local blogs—including our own—for exasperating stories of the city council? Or maybe CHOP inspired him and the producers to set the film here?

Yesterday, I rang Rich King Casting, the agency facilitating the call, to get some more details about the Seattle-set Hollywood movie. Casting director Rich King confirmed that, yes, this call is 100 percent real, but the whole film isn't specifically about the Seattle City Council. The logline is just "a concurrent storyline" that ties into the main story of Kravitz's character inside her apartment.

Principal photography has already commenced in Los Angeles, where Soderbergh and crew will shoot the majority of the KIMI's interior scenes—and there's a lot because the character at the center is an agoraphobe.

The production will come up to our fair city in May to shoot the rest of the exterior scenes when, ostensibly, Kravitz's character will have to go outside. If you're interested in being an extra, check out the information here and keep your head on a swivel lest you catch sight of Kravitz, Soderbergh, or Jaime Camil, who also stars in the movie.

Where in the city do you reckon Kravitz's character lives anyway?