Mudede Is a Marxist Precisely Because Much of His Life Has Been Characterized by Privilege



For no particular reason, here's Richard Nixon talking about homosexuality . . .


While your endeavor to use your privilege to highlight the plight of those who grew up hand to mouth (myself included, and I'm a fucking old white guy whose parents valued education and the long-gone possibilities of the American Dream over all else), the fact that you have never had to experience the all-encompassing, desperate daily existential mind-fuck of wondering where your next job or meal is coming from voids your narrative. Would you steal a loaf of bread to feed your family? Lucky you, you don't have to. You will never be one of us. And no, slumming in Seattle in the early 90s as a trust funder among the peoples does not count. What a paradox. As a black man in America you have rights to complain about the treatment of African Americans. Of which you are one, but you flew here first class instead of in the belly of a slave ship.


Whose to say Mudede didn't make and place that sticker himself to generate a buzz?


Charles doesn't have to generate buzz. As he mentioned, he has plenty of money, and thus the luxury of pursuing a life of intellectual ideals high above the fray, without any worry of subsistence. He can stroll the streets of Seattle and connect with the commoners and their plights. Uh oh, am I displaying envy? Nope. I don't envy the fact that not only is he a man without a country, but fits in exactly nowhere. I suppose i should pity him. Maybe that was the point of this post.


Ignore the haters! Charles' musings on economics might be the only thing truly alternative in The Stranger. I hope to hear more about "the details of [the] radical economic redirection from a socialism based on a labor value theory found in Moishe Postone's 1993 masterpiece Time, Labor and Social Domination."


The most ardent Marxist I knew in college (in the first years of the '90s) was a white trust fund baby boy.It's insanely easy to purport to be something you aren't when you know you have millions of dollars waiting for you when you leave the insulated world of the college campus. He also worked hard to convince me that being a feminist was pointless as there was no need for feminism.

There are many things in life that are much more attractive in theory (like Marxism) than they are in practice and/or reality.

And no matter how wealthy or privileged a Black person is in this country, they are still Black. Note every wealthy Black person and/or Black celebrity that has ever been harassed (for going into his own home), profiled and followed (for shopping in a grocery store in Manhattan), arrested (until the cop realized who they were and backpedaled), etc. etc. etc.

Or ask the Black cop that was undercover and beaten nearly to death and his fellow white cops were just told they will not be held accountable for what they did to him, because, well, you know, he's Black, so they did exactly what they are expected to do to a Black person.


Yes, Charles surely planted the sticker to generate buzz. Also, and I don't know if you all are aware of this or not, but I've a sneaking suspicion that the DNC secretly trained an army of termites to sniff out and destroy Joe Biden votes, then set those termites loose in the Dominion voting machines. Common sense.

@2's assertion that only impoverished people can legitimately criticize is dull and obvious troll bait.


I guess the termites would be destroying Trump votes actually. I may need to adjust the antennas on my tinfoil hat.


So long as your professional efforts are confined to writing for this virtual rag, I wish you every literary success.


@6: "And no matter how wealthy or privileged a Black person is in this country, they are still Black."

Isn't that a good thing?


My god, you guys take troll bait so easily.

I guarantee you no matter how ever Mudede may have grown up, he doesn’t have “plenty of money” now. That motherfucker is notorious for credit card debt, bumming money and bullshitting. He constantly broke... and well... there’s a lyric in Gold Digger I won’t quote.


@11 I Usually agree with you, but seriously, he writes for the Stranger and lives in Seattle. There is no way that's sustainable - not even with credit card debt, bumming money, and bullshitting. That is solely my opinion, having lived in both NYC and Seattle right before they both became obscenely expensive places to live. I don't know CM personally or professionally.


"If I hate success, it is because I'm well aware that much of it is given rather than self-created."

Hardly all.

Still, comfortably observing your particular, local topical and precise limited vision of our City along with your condemnations and commandments in written rite makes me think you have visions of a deity.


@12 well, if that son of bitch has money than he owes me and hundred other people a boat load of money for drinks from 1998 to around 2005.


This really seems like a signpost on the Stranger's race into irrelevance.


I'm conviced at this point Mudede is just trolling half the time, which is fine. I mean it generates engagement which is all that matters these days. If it works, it works.


@14 is mentally disturbed going on as if he had supernatural powers to know anything about Charles' finances. So sad and pathetic.


I guess this explains why much of your writing feels like the naive rants of a trustafarian.


"Indeed, I really do not know how one extracts a defined and applicable socialist program from his key writings on economics."

Yet, that doesn't seem to stop you from proposing all sorts of programs...


Uh..."The Whole of the Moon" is about being inspired by someone, not about hating them because they're better than you.