T.S. Eliots prayer for this cargo ship in Eliott Bay:  Lady, whose shrine stands on the promontory, / Pray for all those who are in ships, those / Whose business has to do with fish, and / Those concerned with every lawful traffic / And those who conduct them.
T.S. Eliot's prayer for this cargo ship in Elliott Bay: "Lady, whose shrine stands on the promontory, / Pray for all those who are in ships, those / Whose business has to do with fish, and / Those concerned with every lawful traffic / And those who conduct them." Charles Mudede

Who got the props? Who got the props? For Rodney Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, the black man murdered by Derek Chauvin, it's Portland, Oregon. This is what he said during a presser that soon followed a verdict that found the former cop Chauvin guilty of taking Floyd's life without justification. Rodney Floyd was evidently impressed by the intensity and length of the Black Lives Matter protests in the whitest large city of the Pacific Northwest. Indeed, he is under the impression that this city's passion for justice made a difference. Portland is, of course, the capital of Antifa.

Merriam-Webster's definition of mad props: US slang. Very enthusiastic praise. For example: "All of the performers deserve mad props."

Seafair this year? It will not be like 2019. Nor will it be like 2020. It will be like... 2021, which means it will be part 2019 and part 2020. If you're surprised to learn that's how we've been rolling this year, then go back to the sack.
Seattle Times:

“While encouraged by Governor (Jay) Inslee’s Phase 3 guidelines that support small and medium size events to return with limitations, Seafair leadership recognizes the guidelines will not support events the scale of a city-wide festival,” organizers said in a news release.

So, you are fucking surprised? Of course the UK strain is now “the dominant variant in Washington state.” There is nothing about this pandemic that, at this point, presents anything like mystery.

Ordering booze "to go" is given more life, fucker. You can do this kind of thing legally until the summer of 2023. At this point, why are we even pretending like we don't know what's what. The game is up. We can never go back to those old ways, which have about them the stuffy whiff of conservative Christianity. Legalize public drinking.

Rotten apples for rizzle. Life. It has to be this way. Make an opportunity, and something must take advantage of it. In this case, the opportunity is the Yakima apple, and the opportunist is the fly. It uses the apple to feed its eggs. And here is the bad economic news: "Yakima County ships around 72,000 semi-truck trailers worth of apples each year and if just one apple is found to have larvae in them it can destroy an entire shipment. That can be worth around $30,000."

Something something Loren Culp. Something something about him running for US House seat held by one of the the few Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. Something, something, something.

So, this old white man is under the impression he can run circles around this black woman. The old white man is Senator John Kennedy. The black woman is, of course, the superstar Stacey Abrams. He, perch-proud, asked her to name the racist provisions in the new Georgia voting law. He soon learned that she knew them, one by one. He also learned that she could go on and on about them. When he realized he had provided the black woman with a platform to educate the public about Georgia's state-authorized racism, he ordered her to stop talking with these words: "OK, that's enough. I get it."

Not long after former White House press secretary Kaleigh McEnany went on Fox News and said this about Joe Biden, "I think it's the role of the president of the United States to stay back, to not inflame the tensions." The left-run media complex went bananas. How can she even say such a thing? Does she think we are that stupid? Remember her boss? Donald Trump? But the left, I think, missed her point. McEnany very well knows Trump inflamed tensions and so on. But she also knows he wasn't really president, and so anything was free to fly out of his mouth at any time. But Biden is an actual president, and so it is incumbent on him to behave in a presidential manner.

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What does Fortune have to say about Bitcoin? It is "a creature of fossil fuels." The whole bad business is so dependent on cheap power that it has "a carbon footprint bigger than Australia's." Though a lot of this cheap, carbon-liberating energy comes from China, "U.S. miners from New York State to Kentucky are repurposing obsolete facilities to supply the cheap power [to Bitcoin]." There is yet to be a market innovation/craze that does not make capitalism worse than it previously was.

Next on the black market? Human hands. Why? Read all about it in Seattle Times: "Starting Wednesday, customers at the Whole Foods store in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood can pay for their groceries with their palms." The palm-screening device, which is called Amazon One, transforms a human hand into a credit card. This, sadly, turns out to be the future we have been waiting for.

The cargo ship nightmare refuses to end. This time it's one carrying nickel ore and 2,000 liters of diesel. While trying to hide from rough seas, the ship's anchor broke, and it began to drift until the hard land it hit claimed the lives of four crew members, spared that of seven, and disappeared nine. The ship's name is Great Ocean.