"Run" Siren and the Sea

There's so much new music being released all the time these days—too much! It's pretty impossible to keep up with it all and I'm convinced I'll still be unearthing music from 2020-21 for years to come. Here you'll find two new singles and one remix album with which to refresh your weary brain.

“Run,” Siren and the Sea

Singer-songwriter Cristina Cano (AKA Siren and the Sea) has released another single from her forthcoming album, For Bathing, which drops May 7. Following “Fountain of Youth” and “Secrets,” “Run” is a lush, appropriately more uptempo song that feels like it could be a pop single from the ‘80s. The artwork for the electropop song features the same bath scene from her previous releases off the album, but with a pair of sparkly ankle boots hanging out the tub. In the chorus she sings “Can you run faster than your shadow/ Does it feel alright to compromise?” This song definitely encourages one to hop on the treadmill, and it could easily energize your next Peloton ride.

“Link,” Tierra Whack

Unsurprisingly, the newest single from Philly rapper Tierra Whack is a bop. The first repeated refrain is “You should come and build with me, yeah/I think we should link up” and then “We can link, we can build/We can talk, we can chill/We can do what ya like.” The song alone is whimsical and playful, with Whack’s childlike quality shining through, and the Cat Solen-directed music video brings a whole new perspective: a story set in space that sees Whack literally building things like rockets out of Lego blocks with extraterrestrials. In reality, Whack teamed with Lego Group for its “Rebuild the World” campaign, bringing in six kids to build the Lego creations that became the super fun foundation for the “Link” music video. Check it out below:

McCartney III Imagined, Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney released his 18th solo album on April 16th, and it follows last year’s trilogy-completing McCartney III. But McCartney III Imagined is a remixed and resequenced album of sorts, with songs overseen and authored by phenomenal acts like Beck, St. Vincent, Blood Orange, Anderson .Paak, and Phoebe Bridgers. But perhaps my favorite track on the album is “Pretty Boys (feat. Khruangbin),” and the Texas trio reimagine the sentimental song into an unrecognizable dubby and psychedelic vibe. Listen to the full album below: