The Stranger’s Big-Ass Round-Up of What Just Went Down in Olympia

Washington state closed its legislative session with massive, watered-down wins.



Thanks for some thoughtful reporting on the recent session.


Excellent reporting.

That said, we all know that the only thing that would matter is expiring all fossil fuel infrastructure tax depreciation, subsidies, exemptions, and exclusions.

You're out of time. We need to reduce emissions 50% by 2025. Actions not words.

Building highways actually INCREASES EMISSIONS.

Repairing bridges or building high speed passenger and freight lines instead of new highway lanes is net negative.



I'd still love to know the definition of "fair share"



"More than what you have to pay", because, you know, they have more money than you do.


Sorry, @2. Nobody's giving up their car and single-family house. Enjoy a green world while you can.


Thanks for another well written article, Rich!

Let's declare a War on Thugs. Oust Doug the Thug Ericksen, Sometime Ambassador of Cambodia, Fossil Fuel Industry Butt Kisser, Former Trump Campaign Superspreader, RepubliKKKan--Ferndale, NOW!


@6: Seriously. Want to end watered down Washington State legislature? Oust RepubliKKKan POS Doug the Thug Ericksen NOW.


Since it wasn't even mentioned, I assume the legislation to legalize home grown pot failed, right?


It seems like we have to pass a bunch of environmentalist rules / fees / bans to save the planet, but we also have to grow the economy and make the job market stronger so that the party more apt to pass those rules remains in power. the obvious labor-intensive non-tradable industry that hires a bunch of blue collar men so that they are not shooting each other, themselves, or heroin is construction. please legalize more multifamily housing. the good news is that prices are high enough that we don't even have to subsidize it much to get a lot of production and jobs - some people even say that it's fueled by rampant speculation such that we can have infinite jobs even without finding people to live in the homes! it's more union-rich than most industries. it pays a lot of taxes. it hires ex-cons, undocumented workers, and people without much academic preparation. it reduces distances between things people need and their residences