The Gay Magic of The Nanny



I never watched a single episode of The Nanny. I found her voice grating, and especially her laugh was like fingernails on a chalkboard. I assume it was supposed to be funny, but her laugh made me want to stab pointed implements in my ears. I could barely make it through a commercial for the show, much less sit through a half hour of it.

But apparently her laugh didn't have the same effect on other people as it did me. I do remember that the show was quite popular at the time, and lots of my gay friends liked it.


Hey,'ll never make it in New York, bro. Gay men have always had an unspoken alliance with both black and New York Jewish women.

They air both The Nanny followed by Will & Grace late night on COZI-TV, Sunday-Friday. Both shows still hilarious.


Congrats to Matt for a reply from Fran herself on Twitter


People have been watching the Nanny for years on Cozi for free and others didn't really care about it.

It's fluffed up a little, put on a $15/month streaming service, and suddenly everyone goes bonkers?


I mean, Fran Drescher's first husband (and show co-creator and co-producer) is gay so are we really surprised they'd have a more sympathetic and nuanced tone towards gay characters than other shows of the era?