Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: For all of you who hate Democracy and voting, have I got a new law for you!
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: "For all of you who hate Democracy and voting, have I got a new law for you!" JOE RAEDLE / GETTY NEWS

We'll have so much COVID-19 data to dig through once the dust settles: A new report out of the University of Washington concludes that COVID-19 has caused 6.9 million deaths globally, which is more than double what official reports show. (Keep in mind, the study has not been peer-reviewed. It also doesn't count the deaths of people who may have died from other illnesses, but still due to delayed care from health care systems being overwhelmed by COVID-19.)
More data here.
More data here.

Seattle's mobile vaccination teams are coming to you, kids: The Seattle Fire Department will deploy its Mobile Vaccination Teams to the places where people age 16 to 30 are likely to gather, reports Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. This Friday, they'll run vaccination pop-ups at Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery and Big Time Brewery & Alehouse in the U District. More pop-ups at the city's breweries, parks, and beaches to come.


Corrupt Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed the country's latest anti-voting law, specifically designed to stop residents—particularly people of color—from using drop boxes and voting by mail. It's yet another desperate attempt from increasingly desperate Republicans to stay in power, and will most likely wind up in... oh! Right on cue: "Florida's new voting law immediately hit with lawsuits."

We're still doing this? Arizona Republicans are giving space to the baseless xenophobic conspiracy "that 40,000 ballots were flown in to Arizona" from Asia for the 2020 November election. To determine if this is true, people are searching for bamboo fibers in the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa county. The "investigation" is part of an ongoing GOP audit, which attempts to find evidence to support claims of voter fraud. The Guardian gets into it.

2021, the year Liz Cheney has more support from Bernie Sanders than from her grand old party:

Here's the most overperforming Facebook post across conservative Facebook pages today, according to Facebook's CrowdTangle data. I don't suggest spending much time on this page, but it's helpful to know what's trending.

The Republican party re-alignment is reality, in case you didn’t see the America First candidate in the Texas 6th...
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Seattle tech leaders aim to raise $10 million to deliver health care supplies to India: Their group, Seattle for India, launched Wednesday night and has already raised over $2 million, reports Geekwire. For many of the CEOs behind the project, the impact is personal, with parents and family members struggling to battle the virus in India. For more on this, check out KUOW's recent spot on how the crisis in India is impacting the diaspora locally.

Another school shooting: This one happened at a middle school in eastern Idaho. Police say a student shot and injured two other students and a custodian before being taken into custody.

Ever looked at Xanadu 2.0? That's what biographers call the Gates's mansion in Medina, and people are speculating if we'll get a chance to look inside now that the couple is splitting up. In 2007, an intern (along with 265 other interns) got to visit the Gates's mansion and wrote about it on the company's blog. The intern said that "going down Bill’s driveway is like arriving at Jurassic Park." As Charlotte sang:

The couple also owns a home in Portage Bay, "three homes in California, a horse farm of more than 200,000 acres, and other properties," noted Heidi Groover with the Seattle Times today.

Rent control, baby! Councilmember Sawant introduced a new push for rent control in Seattle yesterday. Washington state has made rent control illegal statewide since the early 1980s. Sawant's bill contains a stipulation that it would take effect retroactively if the state Legislature voted to lift that ban. Kshama currently faces a potential recall vote, and she held a rally yesterday in support of the rent control legislation and against the recall effort.

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Paging Chloé Zhao: Please pick up Crosscut reporter David Kroman's phone calls.

The FBI is still rounding up the Trumpy domestic terrorists who attacked the nation's capitol on January 6, and so far have charged more than 440 of the chuds—with the "worst of the worst" still to come. Also from this story: "The FBI said Reed Christensen of Oregon, accused of assaulting officers on the Capitol's lower west terrace, was identified with the help of his son." THAT'S MY BOY!

Oh wait, an update on the Zhao-Bainbridge mystery: The Bainbridge swag seems to have appeared by way of the father of a son who works for Zhao. Shoutout to Bay Hay & Feed.

All Aboard: Sound Transit celebrates Pride Month
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