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The drama about Portland being destroyed is really over the top. I live in Oregon, I know plenty of people who live in Portland, I go to Portland for my health care, and the city is hardly burning to the ground.

Republicans and other conservatives love to scream about the world ending (while refusing to do anything about, you know, things that are ACTUALLY causing the world to end, like climate change). They blame protesters and "antifa" (not a thing!) and Democrats and anyone and everyone for all of the problems. Meanwhile they provide no alternatives. They have no solutions. The way Republicans in Oregon currently work is they walk out of their jobs in the legislature every time they don't get their way.

People actually believe the city of Portland or the state of Oregon would be made better with these tantrum throwing toddlers in charge?

More cops will not end homelessness. More police brutality will not end protesting. If actually given the power to govern the city of Portland or the state of Oregon as a whole, the Republicans would do everything in the power to make everything worse AND STILL blame the Democrats. Just like the method of operation of Republicans nationally. Just like the method of operation of Republicans for decades now. They have nothing to offer. They are a cult of death and destruction.

It is so fucking tiresome to hear how these cities are over or dead or being destroyed because of Democrats when these cities have seen obscene growth and expansion over decades with more liberal leaders (note I did not say Democrat because not all of the more liberal leaders or people who have brought a positive agenda to the table are Democrats). I mean FFS Governor McCall in Oregon is the governor who made the entire coast of Oregon free and accessible to all (refusing to allow a Cannon Beach hotelier privatize the beach in front of his property).

There are no reasonable Republicans now. The ones deemed reasonable are just not willing to self-immolate for Trump. That does not equal being reasonable. Liz Cheney is no hero. Her father is a fucking war criminal FFS and SHE helped create the current Republican party. She's just today's (or rather yesterday's) blood sacrifice.


I don't mind a pro-business perspective. It's not the ONLY perspective, but it has value.

Being a "business intelligence"-oriented data analyst by trade, I decided to investigate how bad Portland's decline really is. What would be a good indicator of a city's decline?

Oh, I know!

So I googled "how much have home values dropped in Portland Oregon", and you will all be what I discovered.


@4 Not shocked at all. House inventory is so low people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking price and are buying house the day they are put on the market (gee, Sounds exactly like Seattle). There is not enough housing for the people trying to move to Portland. Like I said, the death of Portland (or Seattle or any other place people are wringing their hands about) is greatly, actually almost entirely exaggerated.


Yes I’m glad they destroyed those racists statues and institutions such as (checks notes) the elk statue and the Oregon historical society. I’m sure many BIPOC community members feel safer knowing those have been destroyed. Glad to see The Stranger staff is consistent and gaslights Portland as much as they do Seattle.


Portland has been dying for a decade


@4, @7. House prices are going up at a ridiculous levels. The house next to mine (that I felt was priced high to begin with) sold in three days for all cash at 34% over list. When I was house shopping in 2015 (also a time in Seattle of rising prices and a lack of inventory) I put offers on 7 places before I finally purchased one. Three out of the 7 homes I put offers on were purchased by foreign investors for all cash. There are very few countries that allow non citizens to purchase homes. I believe that if the US put a stop to this practice it would help the housing situation here in freeing up homes for people to actually live in and help put a cap on rapidly increasing prices. Why do were continue to allow this practice and why is it never debated? Also the city council, for all of it's social justice veneer, is definitely pro developer. By allowing zoning changes in density, not assessing fees for the infrastructure impact and lack of parking requirements to maximize profits, current residents and home purchasers are screwed. Smaller more affordable houses are torn down, only to be replaced by 6 townhomes with no yards (not family friendly). The smaller older homes that would have sold for $400k are replaced and sell for $850+, certainly not affordable to most, esp young families just starting out. Look at what is happening to the Delridge Way area and other previously affordable neighborhoods. Parking becomes a nightmare; like it or not, public transportation will take many more years before it is a viable option for most folks. Families are too busy to depend on it, most people no longer work in downtown and a lot of people are not 22 year old triathletes so biking 10 miles to work in Seattle's rain and hilly terrain are not an option. As home prices continue to soar, so will property taxes which has the potential of pricing out those on fixed incomes or others whose incomes do not keep place with current housing inflation. Families are moving further and further away from Seattle which increases traffic and contributes to pollution. I have not seen the council helping out the middle or lower class whatsoever. More and more taxes, always presented from a "social equity" viewpoint while totally ignoring any relief about changing dependency property taxes which is the definition of an unfair tax.


The (city) is Dying shit is really tiresome to those of us that came from dead cities. People yammering that Seattle or Portland are dying have never been to a midwestern or northeastern city with no jobs, nothing to do, with everyone leaving. THAT is a dying city.

The second most tiresome thing is how much attention is given to these (city) is Dying blabbermouths...

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