The Stranger “reporters” and the socialists aren’t gonna like this. How can they demand more government cheese if we aren’t in full lockdown?

Good incentives by Inslee... dangle the carrot and maybe some of the anti-vax halfwits will come along. Worth a try. I’m guessing E.Wa and Lewis County will find a way to fuck this up.


so where* do we get our

will Profiteers
seize the Day
and make Bank
thru Deceptions?


*asking for a


All right! Let's do it. I'm fully vaxxed up and ready to go.


@3 profiteers? Vaccines are free, if you’re willing to pay for a fake card to avoid it…no one will feel bad if you die.


@5 -- bingo wenwhoo
replete with FOX 'facts'
FAKE "prezes" and a Social
Media INTENT on remaking the
USOFA in a "republican" Utopia* &
we're Nearly there!



sorry, Still not getting it:

"The rule is now simple:
get vaccinated or wear
a mask until you do.

The choice is yours."
--President Biden

but what if you don't
Believe in the Covid

will you be allowed to Breathe*
all over your Check-out persons?

*Covid 21 Plus
it's The Latest!


I got my Pfizers (my second of two on April 10th) through the VA. I am fully vaccinated, but still wear masks publicly when not in or driving my car. Masks are still required in stores and and on public transportation where I live--at least until further notice.

Non-vaxxing pro Trumpist MAGA tools are free to drop dead. Just be sure to thank your Death Cult neofascist warlords before you go, suckers. Good riddance!


@1 Wenn Wino: I wonder what propaganda, snake oil, smoke and mirrors ol' Zombie ex-Cop Looney Loren-y Culp is cooking up these days, when he isn't a fry cook at McDonald's. lol
@1 & @5 WennWino: Is your avatar a photo image of Jerry Lewis as The Nutty Professor ?
I like it! :)


Re-opening before herd immunity, SMH. Fucking Inslee just signed this state up for a lifetime of covid outbreaks. Fumbled the ball at the five-yard line.


Unfortunately herd immunity is no longer possible.
The mishandling by the Trump Administration, combined with the slow global rollout of the vaccine, combined with the anti-vaxers means, the virus is now endemic.

Get vaccinated and don't miss your boosters.


So now the covidiots are freer than ever to practice their idiocy. Did people hear about the Yankees? You can still get covid even if you're fully vaccinated.

I hope the grocery stores and laundrymats keep enforcing the mask mandate. Then there are all the abusive property managers who will abuse tenants' rights to be safe in their homes in the name of "CDC guidelines."

F Inslee and F the CDC. The CDC is a bad joke and so are the Democrats. They don't deal in science any more than the GOP; they deal in politics and business interests. The CDC only just recognized this past week that covid is airborne, that it's tracked around via shoes, that another more highly contagious variant is steeply on the rise, and, that (gee whiz, we just found out) another 1/2 million Americans have died from this disease (bringing the total to nearly a million). So now we're reopening? This is insane. Plus, how many of these deaths were frontline healthcare workers who couldn't get the appropriate protective gear they knew they needed -- because the CDC wouldn't recognize the science? But now they do???

I hope my vaccine works and that action is taken at the more local level. For example,the Seattle City Council should mandate mask and unit-specific disposable booty requirements for property managers and contractors entering rental apartments. They could also mandate masks in various indoor establishments people must frequent (like groceries and laundrymats).


Some just want to continue to play mask theatre. This will take a long time to work itself out.


moron Mask Theatre:

Forget Backstage Passes or V.I.P. Bracelets.
Vaccination Cards Are the New Ticket.

Tossing their masks, jumping on side-by-side treadmills, sharing peanuts next to fellow sports fans, the vaccinated find special freedoms await.

But few dispute that it [covid-spreader apartheid] is legal. “Having dedicated spaces at events reserved for vaccinated people is both lawful and ethical,” said Lawrence O. Gostin, an expert in health law at Georgetown Law School.

When Bill Duggan reopens Madam’s Organ, his legendary blues bar in Washington, D.C., people will not be allowed in to work, drink or play music unless they can prove they have had their shots.

“I have a saxophone player who is among the best in the world. He was in the other day, and I said, ‘Walter, take a good look around because you’re not walking in here again unless you get vaccinated.’”

“Businesses have a major economic incentive to create safer environments for their customers, who would otherwise be reluctant to attend crowded events. Government recommendations about vaccinated-only sections will encourage businesses and can help us back to more normal.”

more at


@15 Unfortunately, for the immunocompromised the masks are not merely theater, not until vax rates are high enough to stamp out even periodic localized outbreaks.

I guess if you aren't living with a bone marrow transplant or any of a couple hundred other conditions that suppress immune systems you can just scoff and giggle and go frolic about with your face out, sure. But try to keep in mind that when you do see someone still wearing a mask, they just might have a damned good reason for it.


@17: Of course smugo. There's also the element of "out of an abundance of caution I'll keep my mask on to shame you types" - but hopefully that mindset will dissipate.


@15 Science isn't "mask theater." If you haven't noticed a million dead Americans yet, you're the one living a form of theater -- and it's people like you that have contributed to those deaths with your willful ignorance of how disease is spread. But now you and others have a free pass for your covididiocy, don't ya.


@18.a most conveniently also applies to 18.b.


@18 Oh my - your shame, a higher truth to factual analysis. Maybe you should listen to your shame from time to time. Grow the F up.


@20: The factual analysis is to take off your mask if you're vaccinated. I didn't say anything to counter that.

You are enjoying the theatre of it, own it.


It is all very simple. If you have been vaccinated then you can go maskless as you will not get COVID nor can you spread it to others. If you have not been and do not want to wear one it is up to you to take the chance of becoming infected. People who are at risk of getting COVID can and should wear a mask for their protection and should take personal responsibility for their own health and not force others to wear a mask. Those who are fearful of getting the virus have many options to avoid any contact with the outside world. Groceries can be ordered and delivered online as well as most everything else. The minority still fearful should not dictate to the majority who are no longer at risk and have many options to protect themselves. It seems to me there are quite a few that are happy in telling others how to live and almost joyful at yet another opportunity to shame others over having a different opinion, as shown with drama filled comments like "deathsquad" and the like. Facci's 15 minutes of fame is over. Not to worry, they will find other ways to to belittle people with their snide comments and put downs over people stupid enough to have have another viewpoint. Must be great to be narcissistic enough to always believe you know everything and are superior to everyone else, I'm certain they are all extremely successful and are in positions of great power and influence. Time for things to return to normal, many have lost their jobs over COVID and the loss to small business in our area, who contribute 60% of Seattle's tax revenue. I for one am tired of the increasing government control over our lives COVID has provided.


"I for one am tired of the increasing government control over our lives COVID has provided." --NWGUY

it's the Bug what's
controlling our Lives
plus I never heard of
ANY one going to Jail
for going Maskless. yet.

"Worse than the Holocaust!"
--typical trumpfian nonsense


@21 It's not "factual," but political. Multiple medical groups are currently challenging the CDC and telling them it's moving too quickly. Everyone wants to reopen quickly - but what you people are pushing will make it take longer instead.

The theater is your own. Your world of what you want to believe, not what is.

@22 Others have a right to go about safely too - and not have to stay inside, as you suggest, just because others don't "feel like" wearing their masks. And clearly you cannot trust others - especially people like those posting here with such obnoxious attitudes - to wear a mask "because" they "imply" they are fully vaccinated.

Would you go to bed with someone without knowing whether or not they've been tested for STDs? Or expect them to sleep with you without having an evidence of a clean bill of health? I suppose some posting here are arrogant enough in that regard, as well. They're not responsible for anything.

Watch - the CDC will have to reverse itself. They're already proven to be such covidiots themselves because they didn't even recognize the virus was airborne until a week ago -- and nearly 1 million deaths later.

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