I swear there used to be more ice around here. What the fuck happened?
"I swear there used to be more ice around here. What the fuck happened?" KentWeakley/gettyimages.com

You must have heard about this movement in Oregon to fuse seven of its counties with Idaho. Not only does it have a name, "Move Oregon’s Border For a Greater Idaho," it also has a whole map to go with this Trumpy dreaming.

As you can see, the map even includes Northern California, a state without Oregonian counties. No matter. This is the phase when the imagination is free to go here and there and everywhere.

Madeleine Peyroux and Paula Cole bring their iconic albums to the Benaroya Hall stage on October 8!
These sensational singer-songwriters celebrate their hit records, Careless Love and This Fire, at Benaroya Hall!

The King of Greater Idaho has not been sitting on his hands since the failed coup attempt. He still has money to make from the government. Best believe that. Washington Post: Trump's club has charged "the Secret Service $396.15 every night starting Jan. 20, the day he left the White House and moved full-time into his Palm Beach, Florida club." Can Greater Idaho also include Eastern Washington? It's yours for the taking.

Cruise trips between Seattle and Alaska will start again in July. Holland America Line is just so happy about this. The corporation has been waiting forever to jam-pack its floating cathedrals to middle-class consumption.

What's the former state Attorney General Rob McKenna up to these days? Just joining the fight against Washington State's new capital gains tax. This is a very important mission for him. He feels it in his chest. The world will not go 'round if the rich can't keep all of their pennies.

We have decided to ignore Jon Talton on this one: "Downtown’s coming back, maybe. Pick your scenario." When will this Seattle Is Dying nonsense run out of gas? It even seems it's running on fumes alone.

But the story that's running on the thinnest of fumes can be found on Mynorthwest website. It is, of course, the one about the SPD's "exodus." This time around, as with the last time around, we are being told that this crisis "is entirely self-inflicted."

No cops at Capitol Hill Pride: In a press release, organizers of the Capitol Hill March and Rally scheduled for Pride weekend, June 26-27, said no cops will be allowed "at" the event, but they "will continue to request police to stay at the perimeters." The lawsuits against the cops for gassing the neighborhood, the department's refusal to publicly release the names of the six officers who attended the insurrection rally, and concerns about white supremacy pervading the institution prevented organizers from having confidence "at this time" in the cops' ability "to protect the public and to protect the public’s right to protest."

Go tell the redistricting commission how you want them to redraw the lines: Five people will redraw the state's congressional and legislative district lines this year. Two congressional districts cover Seattle; the 7th CD and the 9th CD. The commission will seek public comment on the 7th CD lines during a remote meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. If you want a say in who represents you, register here.

The clouds of May keep putting on a show:

We can thank Nikkita Oliver for this new and expanding youth/public transportation attitude: "Children and teens between 6 and 18 years old," reports the Seattle Times, "can now get their first ORCA card for free." What this brings to my mind is a line from a tune by the reggae legend Jimmy Cliff: "Treat the youths right, or you'll be playing with dynamite."

The US claims victory over Covid. The virus is finally "on the run."

Palestinians see the truce with Israel as a victory because "the rocket barrages" from Hamas "brought life to a standstill in much of Israel." As you can see, this kind of victory is of a much lower grade than a pyrrhic one.

Soon after Palestinians started celebrating a victory that only the poor and downtrodden could imagine, Israeli police fired tear gas at them.

Dems will not let up on the one thing the GOP wants to hear nothing about, the Trump-led January 6 coup attempt. Their latest effort concerns a bill that would increase Capitol security by $1.9 billion. It passed the House with not even one vote from the Republicans.

I don't even have the words...

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The primary challenger to Liz Cheney, Wyoming state Sen. Anthony Bouchard? Well, you know, he kinda "impregnated a 14-year-old when he was 18." No biggie.

Can you believe this? More than a million bees died because they "were left on a hot UPS truck for weeks."Anita Deeley, a former Massachusetts Department of Agriculture inspector and a beekeeper, explained to CBS Boston that the whole business is "really, really sad" because "[h]oneybees are dying in society." The sadness does not end there. "It's also really disappointing for new beekeepers who ordered bees in the mail and were not to be able to get them."

The fact you should have accepted years ago is that humans have transported life to the Red Planet. This has certainly happened, and there is nothing wrong with it. Deep space and distant planets are only for bacteria and robots. That said, let's end this AM with a track, "Shifted Phases," by the James Stinson, one of the pioneers of Detroit techno.

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