Dan! Dan! My dildos melted together in the drawer! Horrifically, this is not uncommon if you buy cheap-ass sex toys.

A gay man is establishing a potentially great friends-with-benefits relationship. The problem? The guy won't stop sending him stupid little memes all the damn day long. How can our caller put an end to this childish behavior?

Over on the Magnum, a Nervous Norman is worried about the possible harm that could come to his willy if he got a vasectomy. Reassurance arrives in the form of Dr. Tobias Kohler from the Mayo Clinic. He and Dan discuss the safety of this utterly routine procedure. And because this is the Savage Lovecast, Dan blindsides him with a question about smashing balls.

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And, can you cuddle? Can you platonically cuddle? Can you platonically cuddle with a conservative Catholic when you are a liberal Jew?

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