Turns out Dr. Anthony Fauci is a nice guy.
Turns out Dr. Anthony Fauci is a nice guy. PHOTO BY WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY IMAGES

BuzzFeed News peeked at Fauci's emails: According to thousands of emails sent by Dr. Anthony Fauci—many of which the Trump administration heavily redacted—during the first four months of the pandemic, he's a "courteous, low-key, and empathetic" communicator, even while leading a country through the chaos of COVID-19. During one 10-day period, Fauci's emails revealed, he'd only seen his wife for 45 minutes.

First human case of H10N3 bird flu: China reported the first human infection of the bird flu strain on Tuesday. However, officials say that the chances this flu spreads widely among people is "extremely low."

Trump's blog is dead: RIP blogger Trump, we hardly knew ye.

Not cancel culture: Medina Spirit, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby, just failed its second drug test. Back when the horse failed the first drug test, its owner blamed the bad results on cancel culture. Medina Spirit could be the second horse disqualified from the race in its 147-year history.

People are traveling again in Washington: But they aren't going to the cities. Tourism boomed in 2020 mostly in rural areas. Seattle hotel revenue has stayed low throughout the pandemic and even as we've started to come out of it, the Seattle Times reports. In March 2021, Seattle hotel revenue was down over 55%. If you're looking for a little staycation, Seattle hotels are offering crazy deals to attract tourists.

Hot today: Fill up your Hydroflasks and slap on your tank tops, because Seattle's going to be steamy today. The National Weather Service put together this handy-dandy checklist for those of you who forgot how to exist in the heat:

Amazon makes some warehouse changes: Amazon announced it will start easing its time off policy. Under that policy, the company dings warehouse workers for the idle time when the worker isn't interacting with Amazon software. Amazon's productivity surveillance has been linked to high rates of worker injuries because of the intense pace workers must maintain. Now, Amazon says it will only use the time off tech to monitor "software issues."

Amazon also said it doesn't care if its employees smoke weed: The tech giant will no longer test workers for cannabis and will support a federal bill for marijuana legalization.

Space junk whacked the International Space Station: The unknown space debris punched a hole into a robotic arm on the ISS. The arm can still do its job, though.

Paul G. Allen foundation wants to save coral reefs: The late Seattle billionaire's foundation just granted $7.2 million to fund four projects aimed at conserving and restoring coral reefs that have declined due to climate change.

FBI arrested a Seattle man trying to join ISIS: Twenty-year-old Elvin Hunter Bgorn Williams has had a history of extremist behavior and an obsession with ISIS for years. That interest culminated with Williams attempting to board a flight from Seattle to Cairo to join an ISIS training camp on Friday. FBI agents who had been keeping tabs on Williams arrested him when he presented his boarding pass for the flight.

Would you swim in the London sky pool? It's a swimming pool suspended between two apartment buildings. I think I'd try it, but the pool really seems like sunburn central, especially for pale English people.

Florida man invokes "stand your ground" defense after killing an iguana: The man faced animal cruelty charges for brutally beating and killing an iguana. In court, he said he was standing his ground against an iguana that bit him and "could have injected poison into him." The court dismissed the charge since a surveillance camera caught the entire incident on tape.

The Portland Trailblazers's Damian Lillard brought the heat last night: Lillard scored a whopping 55 points last night in the NBA playoff game against the Denver Nuggets. Despite this thrilling series of three-pointers near the end of the game, the Nuggets beat the Blazers 147-140 in overtime.

COVID-19 surges in other countries: COVID-19 infections are decling in the U.S. and Europe as vaccinations increase. In countries where vaccine access is low, COVID-19 is surging again. In Malaysia, Argentina, and Nepal, cases are surging. In those nations, the pandemic is worse now than it's ever been. Throughout South America, South Africa, and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Taiwan, COVID-19 cases are growing and countries are locking down again. Small infection outbreaks in Australia threaten to keep the country's border closed for even longer. The only thing that will effectively stop the spread of COVID-19 and its new, potentially more vaccine resistent variants is widespread vaccine access.

Remember that whole Reddit GameStop thing? How a swath of subredditors bought up short-squeezed GameStop stock and made hedge fund owners sweat? The same thing might be happening again but with AMC stock. The movie theater's stock has skyrocketed 1,400% this year. Today, the stock is going for around $40 a share, "more than 10 times the median analyst price target," Reuters reports.

Not to kink shame: but which one of you is getting off to these bad food tutorials?

Want to see how corporations are doing on their 2020 commitments to racial equity? Vox put together this "where they are now?" report with some of the companies who made pledges in the height of the 2020 protests.

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Belgian lawyers stumbled across an asparagus recipe in new legislation: Someone accidentally copy-and-pasted a six-step asparagus recipe into Belgian legislation about medical pricing laws.

Very important news: The sun won't set until 9 p.m. tonight!

A crossword for your Wednesday: Enjoy responsibly.