Fill! This! Hole!
Fill! This! Hole! LID I-5

Just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for your terrific article on the monstrosity that is the I-5.

I moved to Seattle from Norway 6 years ago, and was envisaging a lot of biking and walking between my apartment in Cap Hill and work in SLU, until I realised Seattle had ripped its own heart in two and invited the world to stomp on its arteries into infinity. 6 years later, fate would have it I frequently (/stubbornly) walk between Eastlake and Montlake, and curse this asphalt assault on architecture, aesthetics, life itself, every time. It’s an infuriating, violent testament to car culture, and I dream of having enough seeds to throw from the Roanoke Bridge that this concrete colon could be replaced with greenery.

Thanks so much for covering the story with so much palpable anti-I-5 rage, I share in it so deeply. Hope the Seattle powers that be have the imaginary power to see what the city could be without this tear through it, meanwhile I salute your I-5-less vision and words!