Front cover by Lorna McLawrence
"Front cover by Lorna McLawrence" Stranger archives

Let's start today's dumpster diving through Stranger archives (Vol. 4, March - Sept. 1995) by taking a look at some covers. The 48-page Mar 8, 1995 issue (pictured above) features a feature on "collegiate sperm snatchers," rants about Chase Manhattan Bank, and "Godless Pinko Stuff" (a recurring calendar section) on page 32. There's so much here, but this quick trip is just about covers. We'll get to some classifieds in an hour or so.

Front cover by Debbie Dreschsler
"Front cover by Debbie Dreschsler" Stranger archives

The 40-page March 15, 1995 issue (pictured above) continues a newfound fascination with the city of Tacoma, with a feature on Russian architects and the Tacoma public art project "12th Street Pedestrian Bridge." It features the subhead: "Tacoma, the Playground of America." On page 20 there's a Re-bar ad promoting "Sicko" and "The Mickies."

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Front cover by Justin Hampton
"Front cover by Justin Hampton" Stranger archives

Love this one. This 48-page issue from April 5, 1995 features pieces on Tank Girl and Pat Buchanan. On page 6 you can "win a dreamy mystery date with Seattle's favorite fag, Dan Savage." It's a prom date, and The Stranger and Savage Love Live promised to foot the bill. Both boys and girls were eligible, and the kid's only expense had to be a wrist corsage for Dan.

Front cover by Michael Dougan
"Front cover by Michael Dougan" Stranger archives

This 56-page issue from May 31, 1995 has a lot in it: the Gospel according to Klaus, missives on the National Enquirer, "lotsa live reviews," and SIFF's "robots, ghosts, and whackos."

We're moving on to classifieds next. Please put on your devil-fighting gems.