Big American city doing big things without a mayor....
Big American city doing big things without a mayor.... Charles Mudede

Jenny Durkan is now doing a victory lap around a mayorship that has been dead since December 2020. Indeed, why is it at all important to her that the goal of making Seattle "the first major American city to fully vaccinate 70% of its residents" relevant? She has lost complete interest in a position that has the power to make real changes to the city. None of her voters knew she would throw in the towel so easily, so early. But there you have it. Seattle, a city that hasn't had a leader in over 6 months, has done something she thinks makes her dead-ness look impressive. And dig this: Nearly 80 percent of "Seattle residents 12 years old and older have gotten at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine." Well done, our nowhere mayor.

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One reason Seattle beat other cities in reaching the golden 70% is obviously this: It's a very white city. Look at the data for King County. It says that, at this time, only 46 percent of blacks are fully vaccinated. How many blacks are in Seattle? Not many at all. Gene Balk from a year ago: "Percentage of Black residents in Seattle is at its lowest point in 50 years."

Speaking of Seattle, why the fuck did Public Image Ltd name this tune after our city? There is nothing in the lyrics, of its feel, or even video that says: Seattle.

CHOP activist agrees he did it. He set a fire "outside of the Seattle Police East Precinct" during a Black Lives Matter protest. He is likely to spend three years behind bars for this. Seattle Times has the story.

ICYMI: The Trump-loving media corporation Sinclair Broadcast Group sold its "Seattle radio stations for about $18 million in cash and other considerations" to "Los Angeles-based Lotus Communications." The pro-insurrection media corporation, however, is keeping the TV station.

It's official. Anchorage (apparently a city in Alaska) has a black police chief. His name is Kenneth McCoy.

98%. Damn. Even I'm surprised.

There was what? Racist language in Oregon's state song? And we still have state songs?

What Biden told Europe today: "The United States is back." But that feeling is already dated, dude. Put some new grease into your gears, geezer.

KUOW reports that the non-stop dumb dive bombing business by our area crows these days is to be expected because, around June, these apparently smart birds are worried to the point of frenzy about "'a particular stage of [the] development of [their young ones],' according to Dr. Kaeli Swift, an avian researcher at the University of Washington."

But Dr. Swift must also know the answer to this question: Which human has eaten a baby crow lately? Which crow has fucking seen a human see them or their young as "what's for dinner"? We have ducks in this city. We eat and love the fatty meat of ducks. Many of their kind are roasted and hung from hooks in a number of our restaurants. But we get none of this dive bombing nonsense from them. Even the geese, another delicious bird (especially their yolk-rich eggs), demand a good deal of human aggression to get them worked up. But the crow. Wow. This bird, the kind of thing you would only eat at the end of the world, feels powerfully that its fledglings have a one-way ticket to our ovens.

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Crows have bombed me twice this week. On Sunday, June 6, near the corner of South Mcclellan Street and Beacon Ave South; and on Tuesday, June 8, near a park where the body of a dead man was dumped early on June 7.

For a moment in the morning twilight, this part of the park had only a corpse and an abandoned doll.
The abandoned doll waiting for the dead man in a Columbia City park...
The abandoned doll waiting for the dead man in a Columbia City park... Charles Mudede

But let it be known, crows. If you dare bomb me again this month, I will make sure that my status as a great ape is appreciated. I'm the King Kong of these sidewalks. I will crush you with my fists. And even if you ever dare to dream of dive bombing me, you better wake up and apologize.

Idaho had become the source of interesting sheep stories. This one happened in Rathdrum and involved a regular dog, Tilly, that went missing after he was ejected from a car that crashed. The story, according to KHQ.Com: "Tilly, the 2-year-old Border Collie who was ejected from a car Sunday during a crash, has been found on a sheep farm, where he had apparently taken up the role of sheep herder."

A philosopher on the story of this Idaho dog:

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