Our Top Nine Recommendations Around Seattle This Week



Citizens should just bicycle naked on an ad hoc basis to celebrate the summer solstice, with the same independent, "Let's do this" attitude as this Series 001 Art Show or the Lake City Street Fair.

All that leather at the Diesel Leather Men's gathering must be uncomfortable in this summer heat. "Gentlemen, drop your pants and let your meat whistle".

"Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism" by Montell and "The Other Black Girl" by Harris help illustrate how dysfunctional bureaucracies can become when not ethically managed, what with conformity, thought-control and pretense, such as desiring to be black-centric or color-blind when in reality the organization is run by crazy rich white people who seek to be trendy and put on the appearance of being inclusive and socially conscientious.

The “Heaven’s Gate” analogy is real, with many businesses and organizations using catchphrases and negative non-verbal passive-aggressive nuances to enforce conformity and chase out critical thinkers who are viewed as a menace to the organization and a threat to the power-mongers who run the enterprise and profit from the insanity.

Boeing Aircraft, which is piloted by that baldy-dildo Larry Kellner, Chairman of the Bored or the Trump Administration come to mind, which was run by crazy wealthy gay white people like Jared Kushner, who is a latter-day Nazi, not to mention Little Lord Fauntleroy and the green-orange howler monkey himself, the Trumpazoid, with his orangish flight-deck hairdo and lack of education.

He’s probably bopping the baloney at this very moment and munching on a McDonald’s mystery-meatwich while Melania gets drilled by the pool boy and takes a vacation from loofahing Trump’s big pink wrinkly buttocks.

Speaking of unharnessed meat, taking some weenies from BOB'S QUALITY MEATS to a socially progressive, not so smokey park picnic sounds like a fitting way to celebrate the weekend or our nation’s independence from creepy British aristocrats who smelled like cheese and were fun to shoot at.