Sub Missives: A New Stranger Column About Sandwiches!

Ken’s Market has a giant library of cheap, quick, luscious sandwiches that wait for you.



Agreed. Ken's Market sandos are crave-worthy!


Their turkey on rosemary bread is just fucking perfect, and only $3.25 for a half sandwich. It is a generous helping of turkey, fresh lettuce and tomato, and your choice of mustard or mayonnaise. It is proof of the old adage that any sandwich you don't have to make is 30% better than if you made the same sandwich for yourself.


I love sandwiches! Very excited about this new column.


Just down the street and to the left is Marketime on Fremont. Their sandwiches are pretty tasty as well.


The only "good" Banh Mi is a vegetarian one. Seriously.