Its a mess out there.
It's a mess out there. Alex Sava/Getty Images

Durkan didn't sign the council's renter protection bills: Mayor Jenny Durkan refused to sign three bills that came across her desk last week. The Seattle City Council passed an eviction defense for children, families, and educators during the school year, a bill that closed the just-cause lease loophole, and a post-COVID-19 eviction defense for people who accrued rent dent during the pandemic. Durkan said that the bills will open Seattle up to legal liability. She also said the council received legal advice that said the bills wouldn't withstand a legal challenge. Without Durkan's signature, the bills will still go into law.

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.

COVID-19 outbreak at the Northwest Detention Center: For most of the pandemic, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency's (ICE) Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma avoided a big COVID-19 outbreak. Now, despite being at the stage of the pandemic where we have widespread vaccinations and testing, the ICE facility reported 29 new cases. All of the cases come from recent transfers. ICE started moving people from the southern border to the Northwest facility at the beginning of the month.

A bottleneck at the port: Everyone ordered too much bullshit online during the pandemic and the Port of Seattle can't accommodate the number of container ships trying to unload their bounties. So, the ships have to sit and wait in usually undisturbed waters like the areas around Whidbey Island. According to the Seattle Times, shipping containers going through the port have increased 20% since 2015 and it's up 38.4% since just last May. As you can imagine, the whales hate this.

Miami building collapses: A third of a residential building in the town of Surfside, Florida collapsed on Thursday morning. Authorities confirmed only one fatality so far and several injuries while others are still trapped inside the building. The cause of the collapse is unknown right now.

Is this the world's longest case of COVID-19? A 72-year-old English guy tested positive for COVID for 305 days straight.

The power of unions: A herd of over 30 cows broke out of a Los Angeles-area slaughterhouse and stampeded through the Pico Rivera area for around two hours. Authorities shot and killed one cow. Another cow avoided capture for an extra hour after deputies had rounded up all his brethren.

Britney speaks: Britney Spears, who has been controlled by a court-ordered conservatorship for 13 years, addressed a judge yesterday to beg for the conservatorship to be lifted. Spears spoke for 24 minutes describing the hell she's lived through under the control of others while having no voice and no freedom. "I’m not happy. I can’t sleep. I’m so angry it’s insane. And I’m depressed. I cry every day." You can read her whole statement here.

Derek Chauvin faces sentencing on Friday for murdering George Floyd. The prosecution is calling for a 30-year sentence, but according to CBS, Minnesota sentencing guidelines suggest a 10 to 15-year sentence for a person without a criminal record. Chauvin's defense wants an even smaller prison sentence or probation.

The heatwave is still coming: I know, I know, you're sick of hearing about the heat and our impending unairconditioned demise. That's too bad. Here's the forecast again:

Kentucky's "Redneck Rave" gets out of hand: The five-day event of "mud, music, and mayhem" went a little off the rails. Police charged 48 people. Criminal charges for 34 people ranging from drug possession to strangulation. Somebody slit a man's throat and another man was "impaled by a log that pierced the floorboard of his vehicle," LEX18 reports. I am more confused about this event the more I read about it.

ProPublica's latest deep dive into the ultra wealthy's taxes centers around Roth IRAs: The case study for this investigation is Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal, who has an IRA worth $5 billion. Investing in an IRA is a common strategy the uber-rich use to avoid paying taxes on their money. Read the piece to learn more.

Damning: The New York Times tested Subway's tuna from its tuna sandwiches in a lab and found no evidence of tuna DNA. So, Subway tuna isn't tuna and, you may recall, an Irish court ruled last year that Subway's bread shouldn't be considered bread.

Pennsylvania police break up Home Depot exorcism: Police in Lackawanna County showed up to Home Depot and escorted several people out for "bad behavior" after they held an exorcism in the lumber aisle. According to reports, they held the exorcism "for the trees that had been turned into lumber."

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No, California won't run out of water: Read this deep dive about how the Golden State's years of planning and engineering will keep water flowing despite a historic drought.

Researchers may have found the first shark attack victim: They dug up a skeleton at the Tsukumo site near Japan's Seto Inland Sea. The 3,000-year-old skeleton showed evidence of traumatic injuries that the researchers determined came from either a tiger shark or a white shark.

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