Global warming heaven is right here, baby.
Global warming heaven is right here, baby. JamieWilson/

KIRO 7 is livid the city even suggested this parking fee increase: The Seattle Department of Transportation asked the city council's transportation committee "to increase the cost of on-street paid parking by more than double, up to a whopping $12 an hour near arenas and large venues holding 10,000 people or more during events." The gall of these anti-car people in government. What will they think up next?! Sorry, KIRO, but this SDOT request is nothing but thinking, city planning, and future-visioning that's headed in the right direction. We can no longer subsidize parking. If a car is in your possession, then you must start paying the real cost of owning it. And a big part of this is sunk in the wasted space and time we call parking.

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The great parking scholar Donald Shoup put it this way:

This circumstance exists all over the United States, principally because cities and other sponsors keep parking prices artificially low. Because there are so many parking spaces, this cumulative subsidy was calculated a decade ago at between $127 billion and $374 billion a year, which puts it in the range of our national defense budget.

You can listen to the nutty professor, Cliff Mass, as the equally nutty Jason Rantz does, or you can listen to a "consortium of international scientists" who are certain "that the recent Pacific Northwest heat wave was implausible if not for climate change."

That vaccine lottery? As dumb as it sounded... well, it worked. Our Gov: "The vaccine lottery has led to a 24% increase in vaccination rates across all ages in WA."

The way things are headed at the moment, the whole idea of Seattle and cities like Seattle being in a bubble will have a biological component. Look at Springfield, Missouri (no idea where that place is) [Eds note: It's an hour east of Joplin on 44]: "In this video, a CoxHealth patient [in Springfield, MO] says he was skeptical of the vaccine before he contracted COVID-19. Another patient, not shown, told a nurse he was sorry he did not get the vaccine. That patient later died." This story is already getting old. These red-state people are on a mission to stampede off a cliff for Trump. Right now in King County, 80 percent of people over 12 years old have received one dose of the vaccination. The percentage is higher in Seattle, a city that registered only four new COVID-19 cases yesterday, July 6. This is a bubble.


Will the Delta variant (and other variants that are certainly on the way) take a real bite out of Trump's base?

I'm just putting this out there. You know what I'm saying? Just putting it out there. And this is what I want to put out there: What would happen if heat-related deaths were correlated with skin color? You feeling me? No? Cool. But what I'm getting at is this: Let's say if you are white, you are more likely to die from these temperatures rising everywhere you can go. If this story became the fashion in the way, say, critical race theory has today, then maybe something might be done about global warming. You feeling me now? KOMO: "Oregon's heat wave death toll hits 116 on Wednesday."

If stand-up paddleboarding is a must in your life: Then here is a guide.

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The reason why Trump says there was no reason for a US Capitol Police officer to kill Ashli Babbitt, a participant in his coup attempt, is because there is no reason to kill a participant in his coup attempt. The Washington Post has the story.

Why the fuck am I reporting anything to do with Trump anyway? He is out of power. It's time to move on.... But wait... What is this? "Trump praised Hitler to chief of staff John Kelly during Europe trip, new book claims," according to CNBC. What were his exact words to Gen. John Kelly? “Well, Hitler did a lot of good things.” Kelly attacked with gusto a black congresswoman from Florida about her flamboyant support of a new FBI building in public, but totally said nothing about this until now. Wow. Just wow.

To give you a very good idea of how capitalism can only address global warming, it's self-made catastrophe:

In honor Om Johari's participation in the Tina Bell tribute show at the Central Saloon this Friday, July 9, with a Bad Brains tribute band called Re-Ignition, we will end PM with "Re-Ignition" by Bad Brains.