Actionesse at Capitol Hill Block Party 2019.
Actionesse at Capitol Hill Block Party 2019. Timothy Kenney

The powerful combination 2021 needed is the coming together of Actionesse, Drunky Two Shoes, and Mirrorgloss.

A line that's stuck with me for years comes from former Stranger writer Dave Segal, who said the local "post-horncore" group Actionesse's bulging bass guitar riff "can't decide whether it wants to beat you senseless or impregnate you." The first time I heard Actionesse IRL was at a house party in Wedgwood in 2018, and the accuracy of Dave's line came through loud and clear. (Don't let their noise fool you: I've found the group to be welcoming, friendly, and excellent at stirring up a crowd.) And the first time I went to Drunky Two Shoes BBQ in White Center, I had the unique experience of eating bone marrow next to a table full of gay pups. (Not pups as in French bulldogs, but pups as in dudes in puppy masks panting next to their daddies.) The pups eyed me as I poured Drunky's famous "Doom Sauce" onto my marrow. It was so hot it made my scalp tingle. "Bad to the Bone" played poignantly in the background. The pups watched, wagging.

Drunky's and Actionesse's wild energies will combine on Friday to create an assuredly spicy evening, joined by local electro-pop band Mirrorgloss, who also really know how to throw drown. CHASE BURNS

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This outdoor, mask-required event starts at 8 PM at Drunky's in White Center. Tickets are $10.

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