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I still find it difficult to relive the 80's & early 90's vicariously through any movie or tv show. I'd avoided them because those times are too painful.


@1, I had a similar experience with the movie Philadelphia. Tom Hanks plays a man who gets fired for having AIDS, and Denzel Washington plays his attorney. It was very popular at the time, with 2 of the biggest stars of the era, and won 2 Academy Awards (one for Hanks).

I couldn't watch it. Everybody I knew told me what a great movie it was. But I just couldn't. I knew the main character died of AIDS at the end. At that time I had been volunteering with AIDS patients and had watch numerous friends and patients die over the course of a several years. I just couldn't handle watching someone die of AIDS in a movie, no matter how well done. I finally saw it about 15 years later. It took that long for me to recover from my own experiences and griefs enough to be able to watch it.


I didn't care for the DS9 vid, but this one is well-sourced and very well delivered. You're a great presenter for this sort of long-form essay, Matt!


@3 -- "DS9 vid"? Sorry, what vid?

Matt, thank you, nice piece.


Thanks Matt ... I learned some new things there.

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