The University District's Old Methodist Church Gave Us the Greatest Rubble Ever



"... a godless world comes to grief."

yeah but there's so Many gods!
would they Abandon us all at once?

Mister GOD on the other hand
is a pretty Fickle fawker
They say


say & btw did you save
some rubble for posterity?


I had no idea it was being torn down. What a loss.


Too bad they couldn't have at least saved and incorporated the spire into whatever comes to replace it. But that was probably to costly.


While I am not one to attend religious ceremonies (particularly those of the Protestant persuasion) I can't help but sigh a little sigh over the fate of all the grandiose churches of The University District. Not only the ones along 15th NE, but also the Christian Scientist church on Fraternity Row.

But I did score some completely campy mid-century wall sconces from the chapel of the University Temple.


Oh well, at least the pillars of the Plymouth Congregational Church will be preserved. Although they’d be considerably improved with a Stylite monk atop each one.


Aww man. I thought Mudede might actually answer the question that has been taunting me about the bizarre tear down if this church. Why? Why not just smash down the whole building at once? Reporters are supposed to make phone calls, look through old records and stuff (insert montage here) and and identify issues of public interest, right?




Because we rezoned the entire U District and the land was worth more than the church which few used.

and, as others have noted in a periodical called The Stranger, we are rapidly becoming an unchurched society here.


My god--this is epitome Mudede!


I'll be sad to see the First United Methodist Church go, but it's on life support at best. A whole block of low-rise mid-century architecture in the middle of downtown. The congregation is so small now they just meet in the chapel.

You know, if one insists on being religious, I'd rather have them going to mainline Protestant and Catholic churches instead of all this "unaffiliated" nonsense.


Oops, sorry - I meant the First Presbyterian Church on post #10.

I never could keep my Protestants straight.....


@8, why not smash the church at once. It was a bizarrely drawn out demolition.