Oh, so redistricting the 9th Congressional District to give it a 2% increase of minority voters up to 46% could be a gambit to unseat Rep Smith.


Well at least the new high income housing is as ugly as the new low income housing. Now that's equality.


These are worthy projects no matter where they are. Nice to see them here.


I lived in beautiful Newark NJ in the 90s. They were full of abandoned tower apartments that were built in the 60s. Multistories of hell wasiting to be torn down.
Terrible ways to treat people - another example of good intentions that turn to rot when you treat people like rodents, which large, giant soulless building do.
Backwards, into the future, Seattle goes.


thought the Asian Community had been wanting that building for a long time? I kind of saw the process africatown came in saying they were showing solidarity with the Asian community then they kicked out Mary's place and now are demanding it for black lead things. I'm curious why Asians were not given the option to buy it with taxpayer funds like Africatown is.

On a side note, I'm curious how this Equity thing somehow constantly ignores Asians. There are three times as many Asians in the city as there are Blacks and Hispanics and they're not getting 1/5 the funding or attention. Isn't that inequity?


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Why not? That's his job.


That's great news! Both in content and delivery.

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