Food & Drink Aug 4, 2021 at 12:25 pm

Pick one up at Cemitas Poblanas. (You know the food is gonna be good when the restaurant's name is just the name of the thing they serve.)



Sadly, The Stranger's restaurant reviews continue to highlight dishes that contain dead animals as a main ingredient. This, despite record breaking temperatures within the last few weeks here in Seattle.

Don't believe in the environmental impacts of eating pigs and other red meat? How about the ethical considerations - when you eat pig, you are eating a creature that can beat human toddlers at many cognitive tasks. Pigs have personalities too. For dog owners, pigs are very close to dogs in their emotional connections with humans.

Don't care about the environmental OR ethical implications of your dietary choices? How about for health reasons - red meat will kill you.

And despite EVEN that, some people still ignorantly enjoy eating pork. All for one petty reason - pig flesh tastes good.

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