As you may know, there is a tiny movie theater in town that's attached to my surname (pronounced: Moo-Day-Dee—if you are American). The cinema is in the Museum of Museums (MoM). I'm also curating the films in this space, which has four handsome (or, to use a Shona word I love and which should be, like chete, adopted by English, akanaka) seats. And the first original work to be shown in this theater is a short called "Church," which was made by myself, Bellen Drake, and D.K. Pan.

Sometime in the late-70s, the theologian and economist Reverend Ebenezer B. Mudede began taking pictures of the members of his black churches (three in all) in rural Maryland. Slides were made of these images, and they remained that way until my team of artists exhumed them and transformed them into a picture show that features a piece of ghostly music by Sean Ono Lennon. "Church," which will be followed next month by a philosophical film called "For the Time-Being," (hokoyo Heidegger!) begins its run tonight at MoM.

As for working 20 whole years at The Stranger, I will refer you to the most famous line by the philosopher who did everything he could not to be a philosopher, and as a consequence sent philosophy down a path (now called analytical philosophy) that dismissed the essence of philosophy, metaphysics, Ludwig Wittgenstein: "What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence."