well it just got a
wee bit Brighter*
thanks Chas

*there's Beauty
even in Atrophy


He didn't call it the "Worst Summer Ever" you stupid fuck, he called it the "Gloomiest."

Do you know how quotation marks work Lazarus? Lazarus?


"quotation marks"?

"... [now] is well above the summer of 1889.
You know, when most of Seattle burned down."

well it's
still Early
you trying
to Jinx us?


Who knows, maybe one of those private jets is owned by a former homeless person who lived in an RV. Or maybe in one of the RVs is a former rich person who owned a private jet.

So what's the problem with inequality again?


If you ride or walk down the Chief Sealth bicycle trail, your summer will be less gloomy.


Caught by my first real sex-sting
She cost me five-and-dime
Played her 'til my fingers bled
Was the summer of '69


Delta variant aside, I think it's been a pretty good summer. Only a few days of smoke and more stuff open and available than last summer.

I was downtown yesterday for the first time in months. The plywood is off the windows and stuff is picking up. Lots of empty storefronts, but most of those are either new construction of renovation.


I like your work, Charles.


Yup, the wealthy jet setters are responsible for all this misery.... somehow flying a private jet caused all this poverty in the City. The City which hoisted the red flag, which crowed how $15 Now would march us all to a worker's paradise a utopias as it were.

Golly, that didn't work. Guess what, businesses cut labor, cut products lines, benefits and raised prices. Bottom line the poor got poorer and especially hard hit are the minorities. A High minimum wage is called the ghetto maker... and its plain for all to see.

Meanwhile, homelessness increased exponentially, along with drug use, violence and the city has a depressed and seedy look. Many small businesses have forsaken these lands.

The rich of course have adapted, anticipated and now are wealthier than ever before.

Charles tells a good yarn, slightly different tune and as always wrong.


Thank you for the painfully grim assessment of the deteriorating Seattle scene and the new word "capitalocene" which apparently combines Marxist with climate change theory and defines our new geophysical epoch.

The zombie analogy is apropos as we go toe-to-toe with the unvaccinated, many of whom should know better, but hit those right-wing propaganda sites or consider their ability to spread COVID some sort of satanic gift.

Interesting to note the war on the ground, as barkeepers and restaurant owners grapple with keeping their employees and patrons safe from these miscreants who refuse to get vaccinated, with the emotional and financial toll duly noted.

The symbolism of the wealthy zipping in and out of Seattle and flying over RV farms while Rome burns is compelling, and points to the classism in play as our species contends with the effects of the plague, rising temperatures and falling incomes at the hands of those who control or are party to controlling, often merely through birth or marriage, the means of production.

Mayor Durkan is one of these haute middle-class lesbos, which may explain her detachment from the situation in the trenches.

Hopefully she’ll hop in her escape pod and hand the reigns over to Lorena González so we can have some progressive solutions to these vexing troubles of homelessness and lack of financial and social support for the ailing and small business owners, who must figure out how to hustle a buck and stay afloat in these troubling times.

It is reassuring to hear that Mr. Mudede had numerous fortifying and tasty meals at some fine Seattle restaurants in spite of the smoky COVID debacle.

Seattle keeps chugging along regardless of the Zombie Apocalypse.

It is worth noting that we may see the emergence of a “New Tribalism” as groups of people break off into homeless encampments or safe spaces with others who may or may not have been vaccinated or have developed lung cancer from the wildfire smoke and wish to die anonymously with their people.


@16: Ahem. The Stranger is officially IN DENIAL on the homeless issue, and your recognition of the homeless as (drug-addled) zombies does not help to maintain The Stranger's precious, precious denial. Please always recall that freedom of the press belongs to he who owns one.


Last summer was WAY the fuck gloomier than this one.


Charles, those RVs have been there since the mid-2000s, at least. The City allows overnight parking on the small streets near the airport's north perimeter. The intent of this is to provide a benefit for the long-haul truckers who supply our local industry with materials, and then haul out our local industry's finished products. The overnight leeway allows these thrifty workers to sleep in their trucks' extended cabs on the overnight, and get right back on the job the next morning. The derelict RVs steal this benefit from the working truckers. The truckers provide our city with a valuable service; the derelict RVs provide thefts, assaults, and the occasional death.

The private jets flying overhead pay expensive landing fees to the airport. In addition to private jets, the airport hosts Boeing's flight test facility and 737 Delivery Center. These provide the high-paying, career, family-friendly jobs which have boosted Seattle's economy for a century. The airport also hosts package-delivery facilities for UPS and FedEx. All of these aircraft operators also pay landing fees.

By contrast, the derellct RVs pay nothing, and provide nothing except noise, thefts, and assaults for the local population and workers to 'enjoy'. They also consume police and other government services. The city should have been aggressively sweeping the RVs from this area since long before Jenny Durkan became Mayor.


"The rich of course have adapted, anticipated and now are wealthier than ever before."

it's Always helpful to Purchase those who Make the Laws
and it's rather Sinful these days Not to be rich;
can we not Outlaw Poverty?
where's the Death Camps?

other than Covid-overrun Hospitals I mean
and why are so many filthy Rich peeps
advocating for the Freedom to Die?
it's almost like a Cult:

drink the covid!
see you in Heaven
now get off my Lawn.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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