Magus is found at this address: 1408 NE 42nd Street. They're open from 10 AM to 8 PM. Charles Mudede

A bookstore is the perfect place for the Delta episode of what the future will certainly call The Long Pandemic. It is impossible, for example, not to remove your mask while in a bar; but while in a bookstore, you can keep it on the entire time. With the vaccine in your blood, and a mask on your face, and books all around, you are as safe here as a lamb in heaven. And the best bookstore in Seattle to experience this kind of tranquility is Magus Books, which is right next to a street (the Ave) that has this summer become friendly to pedestrians: reduced car activity and lots of outdoor seating. Magus Books is rich with the aristocratic smell of old books, books that have been read many times before, books that will be read again and again. There are said to be 70,000 used and rare books here. Most are on tall shelves; some are stacked on tables; a few are displayed in the window. One book I bought at Magus two years ago, The Intellectual Capital of Michal Kalecki, was once in the library of a Canadian Keynesian, Donald Moggridge. This scholar reached his academic peak around the time the best bookstore in Seattle opened its doors, in 1978.