Alaska Airlines to Anti-vaxxers: Get up on things.
Alaska Airlines to Anti-vaxxers: Get up on things. Charles Mudede

Anti-vaxxers are living in a world that's becoming more and more hostile. At first, however, the mainstream was fine with this position. It was, in a sense, an honorable white privilege to feel your independence so powerfully. That:s understandable, and God knows how much big business has benefited from this attitude. But when it became clear that the anti-vax movement in its white privilege form was seriously threatening a slow economic recovery by clogging up hospitals, the "captains of industry" became terrified and started jumping onto the side of reason, which in its human mode is always social in nature. And so it's not at all surprising that Alaska Airlines is getting tough on antivaxxers. Enough is enough, the company is now saying to its anti-vax workers. You have had your fun. You've yelled and waved your flags. You felt it. But that was yesterday; today, you must get your act together and get vaccinated. There is money to be made.


Back in the day (the 1970s), we were shown, in movie after movie, that lasers would be the weapon of choice for outlaws and the military. In the 1980s, the pop icon Paul Simon was singing about "lasers in the jungle somewhere." But what are lasers doing now for us, the citizens of the 21st Century? We can find out in the Puget Sound Business Journal: "Seattle-based agricultural robotics startup Carbon Robotics on Wednesday announced it raised $27 million in a Series B round. The company makes a robot that kills weeds with lasers." So lasers are not in the stars, or even the jungle, but on the farm doing work that workers can do.

SDOT opens bus-only lanes just in time for the opening of U District Station. I sure hope the organization gives itself a big ole pat on the back for doing something that was needed long before next month's opening of the U District Station.

Q13 Fox describes the very scary fact that Seattle has ended up "with more 100° days than Houston" as a "Summer flip-flop". How cute of you, Q13 Fox.

The Seattle Police Department begs drivers to slow down. It is that time of the year when students are using your streets. But can you be kind just this once and consider these little people? Please. Pretty please. I'll even sing for you: "I believe the children are our future..."

There are those who say: "Look at these contradicting Republicans. One moment they are demanding the independence of an individual's body (anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers), and the next moment they are writing laws that control an individual's body (ban on abortions)!" But a close look at this comparison reveals its serious flaw. There should be no such contradiction because abortion rights must never be grounded in an individual's prerogative but, instead, in the institution and propagation of a strong social system that supports the weakest thing imaginable, the human individual. Vaccinations are about the society as a whole. The same is true with abortion rights. This is not the case with what's going on in Texas.

For my economic heads out there. Now this is what you call a race to the bottom.

Productive equation: GOP equals the Taliban.

Counter-productive equation: Texas abortion law equals Sharia Law. All this equation exposes how is painfully little most Americans (left and right) know about Islam.

What exactly is six weeks in Texan?

In a word, a massive part of America has effectively banned abortions.

After Texas, Idaho. That dumbfuck state is ready to do it, ready to pass "a similar fetal heartbeat law." Just give it the word.

There is an arrest warrant for Benjamin Euguene Dagley in Mississippi. This character (a white man) ran out of a uselessly huge truck, and threatened "NBC News' Shaquille Brewster on live television." Brewster (a black man) was trying to report about the storm. Dagley was going on about Trumpy and Fox News stuff. Brewster felt his life was in danger: Dagley made every effort to make the reporter feel this way. The charges against this Trump/Fox heated man are "two counts of simple assault, one count of disturbing the peace and one count of violating an emergency curfew."

But the arrest warrant will mean nothing to Dagley. He's done stuff far worse in the past and with no consequences whatsoever. In 2017, he went to a company he once ran and drilled "holes into tanks containing dangerous chemicals." An employee "was hospitalized for exposure to toxic chemicals, police said at the time, adding that the incident could have caused an 'environmental disaster.'" From Heavy:

The newspaper reported the tanks contained sodium cyanide, hydrochloric acid, yellow chromate, ferrous chloride and sulfuric acid. The owner of the company at the time, Ed Cochran, told, “If you mix the (cyanide and hydrochloric acid), you basically have the cyanide gas of World War I. It certainly would produce a toxic vapor that could kill.”

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Dagley saw no time for this, nor any time for "slamming a door on a security guard and punching him in the mouth in June 2017." This is the guy who attacked the reporter. He had no fear in him.

And how does a female octopus deal with a male octopus who's harassing her? She throws things at him, of course.
New Scientist:

An analysis of footage of octopuses off the coast of Australia “throwing” shells and silt suggests that they intentionally target – and often hit – other octopuses. In most cases, it is females that do the throwing, often at males that are harassing them.

Let's end by listening to John Coltrane perform the last movement of his masterpiece A Love Supreme, “Pt. IV – Psalm”, in Seattle in 1965.

Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
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