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I understand it hurts. Losing a member of the family is exceptionally hard on the soul. But the relatives of the jogger who, on July 18, was struck and killed by a girl in a car must do everything they can to not see her as an adult. She is a girl. A child did this to you. And even if she did it intentionally, the fact remains: she is a child. KOMO, of course, is easily excited by this kind of visceral reaction:

Relatives of a jogger who was killed last month during a hit-and-run crash in Maple Valley said Tuesday that they want the teen suspect tried as an adult after learning investigators suspect the 15-year-old girl struck him intentionally.

'This person that hit my husband did it on purpose,' said Michelle Moore, whose husband died after being struck by the Toyota Camry. The couple was due to celebrate a milestone event Tuesday. 'He was a good guy. He was a good guy. Today is our 30th wedding anniversary.'

We must never look at the appearance of an event and leave it at that. The appearance (girl driver) is an inadequate view of the reality that made possible the appearance of a thing. Reality is not just an event but also its cloud of causes. And causes always have more reality than the appearance of the event. If you see the girl as an adult, then look at it this way: What, after all, is a 15-year-old-girl doing in a car? What made this even a possibility?

Jayati Ramakrishnan of OregonLive reports that a "New York-based transportation company plans to offer direct trips between Seattle and Portland starting next month." It appears to be covering territory similar to BoltBus, an enterprise that apparently did not survive the pandemic. Ramakrishnan does point out that OurBus may not have the same frequency as BoltBus, which also went up to Vancouver B.C..

Rich Smith reports:

The results of the Cornish Staff union vote are not in. A union spokesperson said the financially shaky art school’s administrators “requested additional review” of a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision to allow OPEIU Local 8 to include certain kinds of staffers in the bargaining unit, which caused the delay. As The Stranger reported last week, the school argued that the employees the union wanted to include in the unit were “in management or in a confidential position,” the union argued otherwise, and the NLRB sided with the union. The union will schedule a vote shortly after the NLRB reviews the decision, but they could offer no approximate date for when that’ll happen. In the meantime, staff will continue to work in the middle of a pandemic without a voice at the table.

A woman walked right on in to Governor Inslee's digs. No one knows how she did it. Maybe she was sleepwalking or something. KOMO: "’s unclear how she managed to do so. Washington State Patrol said its troopers were there and are speaking with her, they say she is cooperating."

Seattle boaters are asked to take a chill pill for the orcas in J-Pod. Three of them have, you know, buns in the oven. So go slow, or, better yet, do not go at all. Why not walk the land for now. Leave the water to the whales.

I see in this story the elements of a future episode of my fav TV show, Reservation Dogs:

Carmaker Tesla has opened a store and repair shop on Native American land for the first time, marking a new approach to its yearslong fight to sell cars directly to consumers and cut car dealerships out of the process.

And what do you think about this?

Or how about we put it this way:

Or let's just say it like it is:

But look at what the GOP is up to over here:

But it don't stop. Recall that bizarre "audit" of votes in Arizona. Recall it has been going on forever with nothing to show for itself. And yesterday there was this bit of news: "The Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an effort by the state Senate to keep secret records of its ongoing review of the 2020 election in Maricopa County that are in the possession of the contractors conducting the recount." Well, the corpse of that "audit" has a not inconsequential price tag on its big toe:

Are you feeling me yet? The GOP, the party for just white people, has no fear whatsoever when it comes to wasting the public's money. None. It can just do it. And no one can do anything about it because they are the party for white people. And, if you are thinking it, think again: "Republicans are still a bigger obstacle to vaccination than Black Americans"

CNN reports that, at this point of a pandemic that only knows how to go on for what feels like forever, has made one ghost out 500 living Americans.

I had long suspected that if Joe Biden were elected, the US generals would not permit Trump to steal the election; but if Bernie Sanders won, they would. The connection between the military power, state power, and economic power is super-tight. Biden is, of course, inside of this unholy trinity. Sanders is not. And so, it's not surprising the that "Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, single-handedly took secret action to limit Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous military strike or launching nuclear weapons." I doubt this wording: "single-handedly." It was not a general but generals who ultimately permitted, in the interest of the unholy alliance, the transition from one president to the next. But we must have no illusions on the left. We really do not have a chance at the White House. The generals will never let us in.

Let's close with the dub of the Cure's "Pictures of You":